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Hi. I'm Amy Cathryn,
and I'm a psychic medium
& fine artist.


For as long as I can remember, I have been seeing, feeling and sensing things from the other side. I've known I was empathic my whole life—even before I fully understood the meaning of the word "empathic".

Being born and raised in a religious household in Birmingham, Alabama made for an interesting journey to accepting myself as both a psychic medium and a fine artist. I would sometimes hear voices in my head (and still do), I would pick up "feelings" and just "know" things about people, but I would keep it mostly to myself so people wouldn't think I was crazy. I also remember being able to draw before I could write, and would often doodle, and draw palm trees with charcoal pencil of beaches from my imagination. 


Delving Deeper

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.
(I’ll either find a way or I’ll make one.)
— Hannibal of Carthage

I went on to become a graphic designer, but the Universe (God) began pulling me in a new direction. Over time, my experiences became stronger to the point where I could no longer ignore them. I had two options: believe I was going crazy, or find my answers through spirituality. I chose to seek answers through spirituality, and became a student of metaphysics. I connected with like-minds that taught me how to use metaphysical tools to help and heal people, such as tarot, reiki and even how to discipline my gifts for mediumship.

My husband and I moved to Atlanta in 2015, where I felt drawn to delve even deeper into my spiritual calling. I started doing readings professionally in April of 2016. I then studied under Carl Woodall and graduated from the Sandy Anastasi System for psychic development through the Atlanta Metaphysical Center in December 2016.


Finding My Art

As I pursued my career, I had pushed my artistic gifts to the side—causing anxiety and symptoms of depression. At my husband's request, I began to paint more. Then I noticed a parallel: The more I opened up to my intuition, the more I rediscovered my artistic drive. I realized my creativity and intuition come from the same place.

I started to let my intuition guide my works and found that often times, I would receive visions of works before I began to paint them. My style is influenced by Japanese woodblock prints, the Art Nouveau movement, and professional illustrators such as Yoshitaka Amano, Michael Turner and Arthur Rackham. 


My Style

I have always viewed watercolors as a medium with a mind of its own. It is intimate and spontaneous, and tends to go about doing its own thing at times. I like to think of the way I paint as a parallel to humanity's relationship with nature—dichotomic. The whole process of painting from beginning to finish can be tenacious yet compromising. The natural elements of the process lie in the colors—they flow and go where they want to—they grow in places. The human elements are quite the opposite—the lines are placed with a sense of control because we are a species which embraces self-control and discipline. When I combine the two, it feels like a harmony between the spontaneity and ideology.