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The Artist

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Art is my Rapture

Creating art, aside from being psychic, is the one thing I feel I am meant to do in this world. There is something etheric, almost otherworldly, when a work of art is being created. I believe all art is spiritual because it is channeled to one degree or another. You could even say looking at a piece of art is a way of looking at a facet of the ether. Perhaps that's why so many are naturally drawn to it. If artistic inspiration is indeed spiritual, then one may go so far as to even say that art itself is divine.


I Find Spirituality in Art

Once upon a time, I loved painting but found expressing myself difficult. It wasn't until I opened up to my psychic abilities that I began to connect the two realms and paint intuitively. When I paint now, I connect to my higher self—my divine self. The colors, imagery and composition flow gracefully. More importantly, the energy that flows from my paintings is more powerful—more spiritual. 


There is Energy in Art

A new world opens up when I look at the energy in a work of art. It's not simply looking at the the work of art—it's feeling the essence of a work of art. Often times, an artist's mood and other energies are subconsciously imprinted in a work of art. These energies will remain with the piece until it no longer exists. This is why we are naturally drawn to specific works in an almost etheric way. It's not just the composition and color—it's the energy of a piece as well.