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What to Expect

Preparing for a Reading

There are certainly ways you can prepare before a reading. First, it's always better to have clear questions prepared beforehand. When you schedule an appointment, make sure you are 100% available and have no distractions. 

Also, ask your spirit guides, angels and loved ones that have crossed over to be there ahead of time—simply state aloud who you want to be at the reading, let them know when the reading is—and they'll be there!

My Reading Style

It's difficult to describe how I receive messages, because they are often delivered conceptually, which isn't quite the same way we communicate physically. When I'm giving a reading, I get feelings, thoughts (often conceptually/symbolically) and visuals. I'll hear voices and words too.

When I channel, I am fast-paced and to the point. I am a technical person by nature (Meyers-Briggs INTJ if you're into that), so I find joy in piecing together your guide's messages for you and help you understand the next steps in your life path, or reconnect with loved ones.

You're Always in Control

No matter what, always remember time is written in sand, not stone. You are always in control of your destiny, because you are master and commander of your life. Our futures are unwritten, because they are the future! Additionally, our life path/personal direction has a funny way of changing with the choices we constantly make. 

It is my goal to ensure my clients always walk away from a reading feeling empowered and enlightened.



There are several options to choose from when you select your reading below in the appointment scheduler. For phone and web readings, I use GoToMeeting. If you’re interested in a reading longer than 90 minutes, or for questions regarding parties or events, please contact me.

Phone Readings

For phone readings, you’ll receive a phone number in the email confirmation and an access code. When it’s time for your reading, simply call the number listed in your email, and use the access code to enter our meeting. I record all of my phone and web readings, and will happily send you a link to the downloadable file afterwards.

Web readings

Web readings are the next best thing to in-person readings. A lot of my clients enjoy web readings because it is a face-to-face reading, right from the comfort of your own home. This is also a great option for long distance clients. For web readings, you’ll receive a custom URL to log onto our web video chat. When it’s time for your web reading, simply click on the URL from your confirmation email, and log onto the meeting from your phone or desktop. I record all of my phone and web readings, and will happily send you a link to the downloadable file afterwards.

In-person readings

For in-person readings, please list where you would like to meet in the notes option of the scheduler below. For in-person readings outside of Roswell, GA please keep in mind the reading must be a minimum of 60 minutes, and a travel fee will be included. If you’d like to schedule an in-person reading in Roswell, but you’re not sure where you’d like to meet, I have multiple recommendations for quiet locations we can choose from. Additionally, I do readings out of Forever and a Day in Woodstock, GA every Friday. To schedule a reading with me at their location, please call them at (770) 516-6969.


Schedule an Appointment

By Scheduling an appointment, you are agreeing to my Terms of Service.

After scheduling your reading, you will receive an email and a text reminder with the phone number & access code (for phone readings), or link (for web readings). You can choose to pay now through Square or PayPal, or you can pay at the time of the reading. Please note that payment is due at time of service.

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