The Solar Eclipse


The Great American Eclipse

So, you may have already heard about the upcoming solar eclipse (unless you've been hiding under a rock)—a.k.a. "The Great American Eclipse"—on August 21st, but what does it mean spiritually?

It's Unique

Solar eclipses are far less common than their lunar counterparts, with the last total solar eclipse to touch U.S. soil being in 1991 (in Hawaii), and the most recent partial solar eclipse happening on Christmas Day in 2000. The next total solar eclipse in America (after this one) won't take place until April of 2024. Solar eclipses also have a strong effect on us astrologically because they happen during the day.

All 48 internal U.S. states will be able to see at least a partial eclipse on August 21st. The "path of totality" is over 70-miles wide, and only a day trip for many Americans.

All 48 internal U.S. states will be able to see at least a partial eclipse on August 21st. The "path of totality" is over 70-miles wide, and only a day trip for many Americans.

Both the sun and moon have their own astrological qualities, with the sun representing the divine masculine, and the moon, the divine feminine. The moon's astrological nature represents the subconscious, emotions, and the inner self. The sun, however, represents the outer self—the conscious self. It is the part of you that represents what you consciously know about yourself. 

What do Eclipses Mean?

Eclipses are generally considered astrological catalysts for change. The type of change occurring depends on what type of eclipse it is (solar vs. lunar) and when it happens (under what sign). A lunar eclipse is about subtle and subconscious change, while solar eclipses are more "extrovert"—being more overt and prominent in their change energy. More specifically, they're tied to changing circumstances and allow for certain types of change energies to occur (depending on the zodiac house they're in). 


It's going to get dark out!

It's going to get dark out!

Eclipses have been misunderstood throughout history as bad omens because, well, nobody likes change. It's only natural though. Habits and consistencies helped secure our survival back in the earlier years of humanity—so change would only naturally (and instinctually) be a threat to that. However, change is what you make of it—just like your fate. The best way to take full advantage of change is to remain positive and see it as an opportunity to be seized. 

What Does This Solar Eclipse Mean?

The August 21st solar eclipse falls within the sign of Leo (the lion), and the new moon aligns with the star Regulus, a star of success, ambition and wealth. This is a great combination for making new, positive starts and can lead to great long-term success. So be sure to either make a list or set mental intentions for high, positive goals you'd like to accomplish before February of 2018 (when the energy resolves). 

It Will Affect Us All

No lie, since December of last year I've been getting changes for a majority of my clients that will happen in August. It almost got to the point where I thought I was going crazy—the consistency was so weird! Then one day, a client sat down at my desk and reminded me of the solar eclipse that's happening and I thought to myself, duh! It makes perfect sense. 2 + 2 = 4. I could literally see the energy change—the best way to describe it clairvoyantly is it looks gold—something I associate with positivity, blessings and abundance.

The general theme of the eclipse (and the energy around it) is about ending old chapters and starting new ones. Amongst my clients (and even myself) I saw a lot of opportunities for new beginnings, fresh starts, and new growth. Many will have an opportunity to move, start a new business, find new love or do that thing they wanted to do for a while happen in August—or the energy will be "right" for it and it will naturally fall into place. 

I definitely feel this eclipse is an opportunity we can all take to spark new beginnings.

How You Can Take Advantage of it

If you want to, you can certainly do your own ritual to take advantage of the upcoming solar eclipse energy to manifest your intentions. I would recommend either making your own new moon candle or buying a pre-dressed candle from Coventry Creations. 

First, sage/energetically cleanse yourself. Once you feel you're ready, take a piece of paper and write down the intentions you want. Make sure to stay positive, take the free will of others into account, and have the intention of understanding that the universe knows best and will do what serves everyone's highest good in relation to what you're wanting. 

New moons, like the one that will be happening during the solar eclipse, are all about new beginnings and indrawing energy into your life. If you want to repel something, I'd recommend waiting until a full moon for that ritual.

Write your full name on the candle by etching it in the wax with either a ball-point pen, pin or needle. Focus on being humble and receiving, then light the candle. You can state your intentions out loud (optional) and then proceed to use the candle's flame to burn the piece of paper you wrote your intentions on. Once the paper is completely burnt, be sure to thank the universe. 

Please remember, safety first! Be sure to practice safety measures when dealing with candles. I prefer to set mine on a fireproof surface such as my oven. Also be sure to never leave a burning candle unattended. To read more about candle magic, feel free to go visit a previous blog post on the topic, here

In Conclusion

This eclipse is going to be exciting for everyone who wants it to be. It's not just a fascinating astronomical phenomenon, but an astrological one as well! Just be sure to ride the wave and set your intentions. There may be some changes—and although change isn't always an easy thing, this change associated with the solar eclipse can have lasting, positive effects if you want it to. In the end, change is what you make of it. It can be negative or positive. However, if you're the type of person always looking to improve yourself, this change will have a positive impact on your life.