Alchemy and Manifestation


Once upon a time, before I chose to delve into my own spirituality, I used to believe manifestation was new-age crap. Even when I started doing psychic readings, I had a hard time believing it was actually a real thing.

I get it—we make our own reality—blah, blah, blah...But a lot of my spiritual friends were constantly talking about it and for the longest time, I didn't take them seriously.


That is, until I picked up and read my first esoteric book (a version of it by Doreen Virtue, anyways), The Kyballion. The Kyballion was published in 1908 by anonymous authors under the pseudonym "The Three Initiates". It discusses the metaphysical rules our world is built on, and overall a great book for anyone looking to delve deeper into alchemy, manifestation, and their own spirituality. Doreen Virtue has published an easy-to-read, modern-day interpretation of it for comparison. 

In short, that book changed my life. 

For the longest time, I searched for a philosophical understanding of metaphysics (without religion, dogma or conspiracies involved). The problem I kept running into was that the text out there were either, too ritualistic, cultish, or dogmatic. I happened across "alchemical" books, but thought alchemy was just about turning lead into gold or whatever—after all, what did a delusional form of medieval chemistry have to do with mysticism? I quickly realized that wasn't what alchemy was at all. I found out that Mental Alchemy, along with Hermetic Mysticism was the philosophical teachings that quenched my dying thirst for mystical knowledge. It ties a lot of metaphysical philosophies together found in science and even religions across the globe—ranging from parallels in quantum mechanics to the Kabbalah to Buddhism. 

Is There a Difference?

Short answer: yes. 
Long answer: ehhh...


Manifestation, also known in some circles as the "Law of Attraction", is the ability to render thoughts and feelings into reality. "Like attracts like", so to speak. It's more than wishful thinking—it's the understanding that we are not subjects of our reality, but both conscious—and subconscious—masters of it.



Mental Alchemy—not to be confused with the medieval pursuit of turning lead into gold—is the mental discipline of transmuting thoughts to bring both internal and external changes to your reality. It is based on Hermetic Law—a school of thought based out of Egypt lead by a man by the name of Hermes Trismegistus. Mental Alchemy delves deep into multiple ways of manifesting through 7 principles—not just one as The Law of Attraction does.

I feel the techniques found in The Kyballion and through The Law of Attraction are both great gateway drugs to the world of manifestation, and in many ways, they're both forms of alchemy. However, I lean more towards The Kyballion because it not only goes into great detail on alchemical techniques, but also provides solutions to problems one may come across in their attempts to manifest. 

How A Psychic Sees It

I didn't start taking it seriously until I read The Kyballion, but I really started to believe it after seeing things consistently manifest for my clients in readings. I started noticing unmistakable energetic patterns that were associated with their thoughts and feelings regarding their own realities.

Some kind of alchemic symbol. Kinda looks like something out of a Harry Potter book.

Some kind of alchemic symbol. Kinda looks like something out of a Harry Potter book.

The best way to describe it is it first starts in the realm of thoughts—I see that realm work at a higher vibration than the emotional realm, but lower than the spiritual realm. Concepts can take on energetic form with enough focus. Then, those concepts are connected to emotions. The emotional realm expands out with lower, longer wavelengths (not unlike infrared waves) that even extend into the future. I've noticed people (including myself) get excited about a new opportunity emotionally before it happens—sometimes even weeks before it happens. 

We put energy into our thoughts and feelings, and they shape our reality. God will often times have us go through a "hermit" or "reflection" phase before a massive life change so we can make sure our mental and emotional states are aligned with the highest version of our life path. That's why things seem stagnant right before takeoff during certain times in our lives.

How to manifest

Of course, everyone can manifest. If you can think and feel, you can manifest. 
Without going into detail on the 7 Hermetic techniques (because honestly, you should just go read the book for yourself), here are some basic techniques to manifest:

Ask For It

This one is a no-brainer. You have to clearly form in your head the thing you're trying to manifest. You have to ask for it. Just be sure to take into account the free will choices (and best interest) of others when you do. 

Think It

Not as silly as it sounds. This one of the hardest parts as you have to put yourself in the mindset that what you want has already come to you (versus that it's "coming" to you because that always places the manifestation in the future, versus the present). It's easy to get discouraged, or forget, so it's important that you set constant reminders to keep yourself in the "belief" mindset. Manifestation boards and mantras work well for this.

Feel It

Put yourself in the emotional state that you would be in when you get what you want. Visualize feeling the way you feel when you receive the thing you're trying to manifest. In energy terms, it puts you on the same frequency as the thing you're manifesting—allowing it to happen more quickly and easily.


Keep at it! Many fail because they try to manifest, and give up, get discouraged or forget after a week or so. Then they wonder why it doesn't work. What you don't realize, is that you're working against your subconscious's thoughts and confirmation bias.

If you're a "Debbie Downer" as I'd like to say, thinking happy, positive manifestation thoughts for a brief period of time won't instantly cure your depressive tendencies. You must continually and consciously shift yourself into the mental and emotional frequencies to receive what you are wanting to manifest.

There's a reason they call Mental Alchemy a discipline. 

Personal Experiences...


Manifestation works if you really make an effort to put yourself into the right headspace. If I'm upset, or just "not feeling in the mood", it's much harder. One of the more fun things I'd like to manifest (and funny enough, only do so when I'm in a really big hurry) is to get to places on time. I have had a lot of success manifesting getting somewhere on time, even when statistics, traffic and the odds were against me. It helps to think in terms of probability. Though instead of increasing your odds, visualize the scenario (however improbable) manifesting and holding onto that timeline and keeping it pried open for dear life. 

There will be the occasion where something just isn't meant to happen, and though free will is involved and the manifestation still has a chance of working, sometimes an entity (or even another person), may conflict with your goal and make it more difficult to accomplish because what they are trying to manifest competes with what you are trying to manifest (thus creating a manifestation tug-of-war). 

Other things I've manifested include a new job, indrawing more clients, more time to work on a project, and even very recently, a piece of labradorite for my art area. You'll notice as you become more in-tune with energy, you will be able to manifest things more easily.

The energy from your emotions and thoughts you put into your actions have an effect on their outcome.

Something else to take into consideration is the energy you put into your actions. When I went job hunting, I was frustrated with the job I had. However, I was cautious about the mental and emotional state I was in when I went searching for new jobs because I wanted to indraw the right job with the right energy. When I was panicky, upset or moody while applying for jobs, the ones that would turn up and even in some cases, respond, were stressful, too fast-paced and generally not what I was looking for in advancing my career. When I applied for jobs while level-headed, relaxed and confident, I began to not only see great opportunities but also receive promising responses. 

The energy from your emotions and thoughts you put into your actions have an effect on their outcome.