Showing up for the Universe


All right. So you’ve manifested.

You’ve changed your thoughts. You bought The Secret…and actually read it. You’ve heard of Dr. Wayne Dyer. You worked on that nice manifestation board—or at least wrote down that list of what you wanted. You burned that candle and you’ve said prayers of intention every day.

Aaaaaand you’ve waited. And waited.

…and waited.

What if I told you his sunglasses were held up by magic and a lovely baritone voice?

What if I told you his sunglasses were held up by magic and a lovely baritone voice?

Still nothing? What if I told you there’s more to manifestation than positive thinking? Sure, that’s a big, huge, important part of it—but still that’s only a part of it. What most people forget is what they need to do after all the manifesting/positive thinking/Elmer’s glue.

Yes, there’s more to it than that.
But what exactly should I do afterwards, you ask?


It’s actually a tango.

Most of us forget (myself included) that the Universe is a living, breathing thing. Unfortunately, many times we assume the Universe is some sort of restaurant we order from. We go about our day manifesting (what we may analogize as ordering from the menu) and then wait for the chef (the Universe) to “cook up” our new job/house/boyfriend for us. During this process, we get frustrated when the chef is taking too long. We wait and wait, and sometimes get sad and start to doubt ourselves because we’re not getting the results we’re expecting.

What if I told you that you were doing it wrong?

In reality, the Universe is less of a chef, and more of a dance partner. Instead of ordering something and then waiting, we need to be more proactive about our manifestations. The Universe doesn’t want us to just sit on our hands and let it do all the work. It wants to see us put forth effort towards what we want. This effort certainly can take shape in the form of the faith/belief/visualizations/intent/manifestation boards that you see in popular self-help books, but it’s more than that. Yes, I’m talking about showing up for the Universe.

To be proactive about our manifestations and “show up” for the Universe, we must first understand how to play with its energy. Now, manifesting is certainly a powerful form of energy manipulation, but most people who manifest may not know how to “consciously” play with it and be more proactive.


It’s all energy


Like I said earlier, the Universe wants us to play with the energy in our lives in a more proactive fashion. However, in order to more fully grasp this, we must first understand that everything is energy. Yes, everything. Right down to the very atoms that make up our physical structure. Atoms, after all are simply bits of mass doing ballet around each other at various speeds.

The known reality we live in happens first as thought and then as emotions before we physically see it—that’s why you might notice how you get excited right before something good happens — whether you knew it would happen or not.

The chart shown here is a great example of the degrees of density that something goes through before finally condensing down to the physical plane. As you can see, there is a lot of condensing that a manifestation has to do before it finally hits the physical plane.

Another way to put is is like this: manifestation works like water and water molecules. It evaporates up from the dense, vast ocean of the physical plane, and then condenses into the clouds. It continues to condense (through manifestation techniques) until the clouds get so dense they begin to precipitate rain. That rain then finally falls down — condensing through the planes — back to the physical plane where it finally materializes as the physical form of the thing that was manifested.

It’s your intentions

So, what you do isn’t so much important as why you do it. My guides have reaffirmed this time and time again — both with myself and in readings I’ve given. For example, if you sent a text when you were upset, versus sending the exact same message when you were in a good mood, the results would be different. Even though the wording and structure of the text are exactly the same, the effect is different because the intent is different. God is more concerned with the reasoning behind the choices we make, versus the action itself.

How you can tango

So now you know everything is energy, that manifestation is the energy of your intentions condensing down to the physical, and that intention is more important than the action. Now, we can discuss how you can tango and show up more for the Universe. The best way to manifest your desires is to take action steps towards your goals. If you’re wanting a new job, start to apply for new jobs — even the ones you may not find ideal. Update your resume. Put yourself out there on recruiting sites. Just put the energy out there.

If you’re wanting a home (or to sell your home) start saving — even if it’s something as simple as less drive-thru lattes and more coffee at work. Check your credit score, and actively work to improve it. Talk to a banker to see how much you can get prequalified for. Clean house and throw away old stuff — or better yet, give it to a charity.

…What matters the most about all of these things is that you are putting forth the effort for the Universe. Even though you may not “like” the jobs you’re applying for, or your credit may not be as great as you’d like it to be — you’re showing up for the Universe. You’re telling God that you’re willing to do the work, even if it’s work you don’t want to do, in order to get what you want.


Watch it happen

When you take physical action steps and consciously make the decision to take those action steps as a way to show up for the Universe…watch your desires come to life. Remember, the Universe is less of a personal chef and more of a dance partner. When you’re willing to tango and put energy and intention and action into your desires, you’re breathing life into them. And remember: the bigger the desire, the more breath you have to put into it.

What action steps will you take?