Ghosts 'N' Stuff


In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to write on a seasonal topic we're all quite familiar with—Ghosts!

A lot of people misunderstand ghosts—with TV and movies largely to blame. In reality, they're not all that scary. In this blog post I'll go into detail on the types of ghosts, facts vs. fiction, types of hauntings, how to know if your house is haunted, and a couple of spooky personal stories!

I've personally had a lot of experience in dealing with "ghosts" (or as I'd like to call them, "spirits") on the other side. Since I started using my mediumship abilities a bit more, I've come to understand them a little better. Ghosts aren't nearly as intimidating as you might think! For the most part, it's pretty easy handling situations involving ghosts.

What are Ghosts?

That face when you find out someone brought donuts to work. Also, fun fact: Beetlejuice was technically a poltergeist—and an asshole.

That face when you find out someone brought donuts to work. Also, fun fact: Beetlejuice was technically a poltergeist—and an asshole.

A "ghost" is technically the soul of someone who's crossed over. With everything in life, including death, we have free will. Some people choose to stay and "hang around" for one reason or another. Interactions with people who choose to stay are what we know as "ghost encounters".

When we say someone has "crossed over", we're talking about life after death. What happens? Do we just stop existing once our bodies are done? No! We still very much exist—it's how we exist that has changed. We become spiritual beings that no longer have the need for physical elements—food, water, sleep—but we can still think and affect the physical realm in different ways. 

Types of Ghosts

I ain't afraid of no ghost.

I ain't afraid of no ghost.

Yup, there are two different types of spirits who've crossed over: those who "got their wings", and those who are stuck. I refer to people who've crossed over, went to heaven, went through training and decided to come back as people who "got their wings". Think of it kind-of like getting a badge. These are people who were able to "go into the light" and embrace the next steps of their life—the afterlife. Most ghosts I encounter are these types of individuals. They are a bit stronger, energetically, and work a lot with a person's guides and angels on the other side. I've even seen cases where someone who has a lot of family that has crossed over organize events on the other side like a football huddle—they hand out tasks to each other to help their living loved ones daily.

The other type of spirit who's crossed over is someone who is "stuck". I say "stuck" because they didn't continue their progress in the afterlife. They just stayed or gravitated to one spot or object, not knowing how to take the next steps. A majority of haunted houses involve cases where spirits are "stuck". This is because they were so emotionally connected to that place (or even an object), that was all they knew. To be clear, everyone has someone on the other side to help with the transition, but not everyone takes that opportunity. Some think they must go through purgatory, or don't even believe they're dead! 

Me on a Wednesday.

Me on a Wednesday.

With people who are "stuck", it's important for any psychic to help them with the transition and provide them an opportunity to cross over again. It is not good for people who are "stuck" to stay that way over a period of time, because that "stuck" energy is stagnant energy—often times attracting negative beings. I have unfortunately encountered some who brag about having a haunted house, without really wanting to do anything about it. It's not good energy for the person who's stuck, for the home, or for the home's residents. In reality, it's selfish. The best way to handle those situations is to ask a professional psychic with experience in space clearings to help the spirit make a peaceful transition.

Facts vs. Fiction

I actually despise horror movies, and get pretty irritated with a lot of spiritual "thriller" movies because they're so inaccurate. I end up just getting annoyed and finding myself saying "that's not right..." or "they can't do that..." or "that's SO stupid". Bad television and movies are largely to blame for the general misconceptions involving ghosts. So, I'd like to clear some things up:

Kiss me Patrick!!!

Kiss me Patrick!!!

  • Most ghosts are actually nice. Not saying they're all nice, but most are pretty harmless. Especially those who "got their wings"—because they literally decided to come back and help their family. Others are just stuck. As a medium, most of my run-ins with people who've crossed over are pretty benign (somewhere in the 98% range).
  • They can look any way they'd like to. They don't look old, ugly or the way they did when they died unless they want to. Most people choose to look like their younger selves, unless they're trying to deliver a message and look the way their loved ones would recognize them the most. 
  • There is no physical pain on the other side. When someone dies, they're not in pain anymore. They are no longer restricted to the limits of their physical bodies. They don't get sick, cold or tired. They're free. 
  • They can be anywhere in an instant. I see this often with people who were close to a lot of people when they died. They love to visit their families and loved ones.
  • Most aren't trying to scare you. They just do stuff to get your attention and say "hi".  Or to help you in one way or another. Since manifesting physical situations (especially visibly appearing or saying something) can take a lot of energy and is difficult to do, they'll find other unique and creative ways to communicate. 
  • There is no "hell". This one was a toughie for me to swallow because of my Southern Pentecostal upbringing. Life is pretty difficult as it is, and I have never once met a ghost that had been to hell or any place like it. In reality, the physical realm is the lowest and densest point on the spectrum. This is the farthest we can "feel" that we're from God, and we're here because we learn lessons very quickly that way. Life is literally a bootcamp of hard lessons we all learn. 
  • People who commit suicide are't punished. Yes, it's technically frowned upon because the physical body is considered somewhat "sacred" to the higher realms—but the most they may have to do is "community service" work to balance that karma...and even that is a free will choice.
  • We go back to our higher selves when we're ready. Some people choose to stick around and help, while others choose to go to heaven and become a part of that much larger self—that higher self.
  • Ghosts can't inhabit your body unless you give them permission. Can someone become possessed? Yes. But it's only because they allowed it. 
  • Ghosts don't have magical powers and can't cast spells. They may be able to move stuff around, but for the most part, it takes a lot of energy to do something in the physical realm, and most ghosts can only do small stuff. That being said, some spirits have a keener understanding of how to manipulate energy after they've died, and can manipulate it better than others.
  • A living person is naturally energetically stronger than a ghost. That's because our consciousness inhabits a physical body—making us more capable of manipulating energy at a naturally denser level than a spiritual being could. 


Dun-dun-dun-dun...*snap* *snap*.

Dun-dun-dun-dun...*snap* *snap*.

What was that noise?

Did that door shut all by itself?

The TV just changed channels!

A haunted house can seem a bit scary and exciting for most people. After all, there are plenty of TV shows and paranormal sites, clubs and events that talk about it. Many are drawn to the paranormal, and especially hauntings, for their thrill-seeking potential and adventures.

In reality, a haunted house is actually a problem. This is because it usually involves the spirit of someone who is "stuck"—or worse. Usually the energy in a haunted house is stagnant or unbalanced, making living in one difficult or allowing for the environment to manifest things that may not serve the resident's highest good. 

Haunted houses are better viewed as a situation that needs balancing. As intuitives, it's our responsibility to allow the "stuck" person inside an opportunity to continue their path into the afterlife. Additionally, a person that is stuck to a particular house or object, can potentially attract negative energies and spirits to that same house or object. This is how poltergeist activities manifest.

Hauntings vs. Poltergeists

98% of ghosts.

98% of ghosts.

A haunted house is simply a house that is inhabited by a "stuck" spirit. A haunting with poltergeist activity is a house that has a malicious spirit in addition to a "stuck" spirit. This is because poltergeists (a general word for negative spirits) are attracted to "stuck" spirits. In a way, poltergeists are parasites, and the "stuck" spirit is a perfect host. Poltergeists are more powerful than ghosts, and make living in a haunted house more difficult due to the nature of their existence as negative energetic beings. 

A haunting has very mild and benign symptoms—lights turning on and off, seeing movement out of the corner of your eye occasionally, hearing's just a person who's stuck in the house, and there's a 98% that they're a "casper"—a friendly ghost. The energy may feel a little "thick" but not bad.

A poltergeist, however, is more malevolent in nature. You can tell a house has a poltergeist by how the house "feels". There's usually a negative or sad energy that permeates the place, and you may feel drained when you leave. Other symptoms include having objects thrown at you, hearing scratching noises, growling, sleep paralysis, depression, increased anxiety at home, being more down about life, having frequent nightmares, and having "bad luck" a lot.

I think my house is haunted. Now what?!?!?!

Favorite movie of all time, staring my magnificent man friends. 4/4 would marry.

Favorite movie of all time, staring my magnificent man friends. 4/4 would marry.

First rule: Don't panic!

Second rule: Call Ghostbusters! (J/K)

Hauntings are more common than you think, and most are pretty easy to take care of. If it's a haunting, it's really just a matter of asking the spirit to leave, and praying for their assistance with crossing over. Most would be happy to leave if given the chance. 

For poltergeists, a little more persuasion may be needed. If you prefer handling it yourself, I would recommend getting some sage and palo santo. You can get the burnable kind, or spray kind, depending on the restrictions to your living environment. Both work well. 

When you're ready to smudge (energetically clean) your house, put yourself into a spiritual mindset. Pray beforehand, and ask your guides & angels to assist you with this process. Understand and believe in the fact that you are the most powerful being in your home, and that is your place. Sage, like a hammer, is a tool. The more you put your beliefs into that tool, the better it works. Put the sage and palo santo in a fireproof bowl, light them, and begin praying. Politely ask the spirit to leave and inform it that it is no longer welcome in your home. Pray while saging your house, going into every room and getting every corner. Ask your angels to assist you in cleaning your home, and make sure to let the smoke waft around all doors and windows. Take your time, and keep yourself in an authoritative, spiritual mindset. When you feel done, state that your home is clean, and open the windows to let the sage smoke out. 

hqdefault (1).jpg

You'll know you've successfully purged your home if it feels lighter (energetically). There have been some cases where I've noticed that the home even seemed brighter. 

If you don't feel like the smudging worked, or would like assistance, I would recommend seeking out a professional for help. There are many psychics, spiritualists, and intuitives with experience in "space clearings" and will often times do it for free. Find someone that is ethical, and won't charge you too much. An ethical professional will have a peaceful, calming energy about them. 

Personal Stories

Space clearings isn't something to be taken lightly, nor is it something to be afraid of. I've had my fair share of experiences involving space clearings, but the ones I enjoyed the most were the simplest ones. 

There was one case where I went to the home of a co-worker that had just moved and they wanted to see if the home was haunted. I turned up my abilities and sensed an older gentleman that was surprised I could detect his presence.

He stated, "you can see me?!?!".  
"No, I can't see you," I replied. 
...but I can sense you, I thought.

His energy got confused but excited. Long story short, he thought he was in purgatory. I asked him if he would like to go to heaven, and he said "yes", with much enthusiasm. I asked for the angels to escort him to heaven and he left, immediately. The home felt significantly lighter in an instant, as both me and my co-worker sensed. It felt nice being able to help someone like that.

Another space clearing story was with a friend's apartment. They had recently moved in and felt the place was haunted. A spiritual friend and I went there and confirmed it was a poltergeist case. We went through the house and had some resistance—but were able to successfully clear the space in the end. As soon as it was cleared, the kitchen felt lighter—and visibly brighter. When the friends came back, they asked us if we had changed the lightbulbs. We hadn't. The energy really does make a difference.

In Conclusion

There's nothing to be afraid of when it comes to stuff on the other side. People are still people. There is always the good, the bad, and the ugly—but it's up to you to decide how to react to it. Fear only begets more fear, and serves nobody any good. Understanding that you hold the power—that you're always in control—is the best mindset to have when dealing with the spiritual and the paranormal.