Shielding 101

You don’t  actually  put on armor. And it’s not nearly as heavy, either!

You don’t actually put on armor. And it’s not nearly as heavy, either!

So, like armor, right?

Not quite. This is a topic I’ve been meaning to write about for a while now, because I find myself recommending this technique to many of my clients time and time again. The term shielding in the spiritual community refers to using energy to protect one’s self metaphysically. Shielding is the act of putting up an energetic “barrier” to add a level of protection to yourself or those around you.

Just as we put on clothes, brush our teeth, bathe, and put on deodorant to maintain our physical bodies, so we must practice a level of hygiene to take care of our spiritual bodies as well. Shielding is an energetic form of putting on clothes before you go outside. The energetic shield works in a similar way that your clothes do—protecting you from the elements so they don’t affect you as much in a negative way. But instead of protecting you from the weather, shields protect you from spiritual energy that could affect you in ways that may not be as obvious.

Crowds can be draining for empaths. Armor up!

Crowds can be draining for empaths. Armor up!

The Benefits of Shielding

Shielding every day does wonders for the energetically sensitive. Just as our physical bodies require care, so do our energetic bodies. What many of us don’t realize is that everything happens energetically first. The moods of other people, situations, or events that we experience energetically affect us every day—whether we realize it or not. Shields can help protect you from being drained by large groups of people, energetic debris, that coworker who likes to complain to you about their problems all the time, energy vampires, stressful environments, toxic situations, intense conversations, and so on and so fourth.

It’s almost like invisible sunscreen.

It’s almost like invisible sunscreen.

As someone who’s been using shielding techniques for well over a decade now, I can attest to how much I have benefitted from practicing it on a daily basis. Shielding myself has helped protect me from everything ranging from a psychic attack to intense conversations with difficult coworkers. Shielding has helped me not only ease relationships, but also set boundaries. Shielding has a wide range of uses, and if you even consider yourself remotely interested in spirituality, shielding can be a powerful, easy to use, and versatile tool in your arsenal.

Shields are essentially layers of energy we can wrap around our bodies. We can “tell” this energy to do whatever we want it to do—ranging from simply protecting us, to sending love and light out into the world. The term “shield” isn’t a term that’s just limited to using energy as a strictly defensive technique, but also as a way to help others on a level unseen.

Shielding can also help you keep your focus without unknowingly merging with other people’s energy. Something I’ve noticed about people who are energetically sensitive—especially empaths—is that they are also shapeshifters. What that means is the have this amazing, seemingly natural ability to change their personality to match the people around them. This can be excellent in situations that require a high EQ (emotional quotient/intelligence), but frustrating in times when we need to set boundaries. Shielding your own energy helps limit you from unknowingly becoming a pushover in situations that would serve you better to set boundaries.

Glinda in all her glory!

Glinda in all her glory!

How to “Shield”

When you first start shielding, it can be challenging because you may not be sure if it’s “working”. That feeling of knowing you’ve shielded takes practice. Don’t fret. This happens to everybody who has ever tried shielding—including myself. Trust me. You’ll get better at it with practice. It may even be best to partner up with a like-minded friend you can practice shielding exercises with.

The Steps:

  1. As with pretty much everything metaphysical, it starts with visualization. Find a quite place (especially if it’s your first time) and sit down in a comfortable position with little distraction.

  2. Begin visualizing a beautiful, rainbow bubble—much like Glinda the Good Witch’s bubble from The Wizard of OZ—and picture this bubble forming at the top of your head. Watch it and feel it flow down the front of your body, your sides, and your back.

  3. Continue visualizing the bubble forming all around you, head to toe, front to back, and side to side. Picture this bubble thickening as it covers your body.

  4. State internally or aloud, “This bubble protects me from all energy that is not love-based”. Then tell the shield to last as long as you wish it to—whether it’s just to the grocery store and back, or for a whole week.

  5. When you want the shield to go away, simply visualize it disintegrating or melting away.

As with everything in life, shields can get tired too. If you’re going into a tense situation, or a place you feel your shield will definitely be put to work, you may want to re-shield or visualize giving your shield a “boost”. This makes sure they perform optimally. You can even stack shields—and layer them like you would pancakes!


Types of Shields

Just as you may have a variety of clothes such as formal wear, casual attire, or business clothes—your shields can be diverse as well. You can shield for different purposes with different effects, ranging from a simple protection bubble to a shield that emanates a friendly presence, to even a complex system of shields with a variety of functions. The only limit is your imagination! So, here are a list of some of the basic types of shields that are great to start off with:

  • Bubble Shield—This was the type of shield listed in the instructions above. Everyone trying to shield for the first time (until they feel they’ve got the hang of it) should start off trying this technique. It’s simple, versatile and the easiest to make.

  • Divine Light—This type of shield incorporates the assistance of your angels. Simply ask your angels—in your head or out loud—to help you create a shield. You’ll feel an almost white light energy surrounding you. You can also call in the assistance of Archangel Michael to help you shield, if you want an extra level of assistance. I do this sometimes when I’m really tired or just don’t have time to focus on shielding.

  • Marshmallow Shield—This is great for situations where you want to feel an extra level of protection. A marshmallow shield is a shield that is thick and sticky, much like a marshmallow. With a marshmallow shield, energetic debris gets caught in the “sticky” part and disintegrates. It’s a great technique that can handle a lot of energy being thrown at it. It may take a little more time and focus to make at first, however.

  • Mirror Shield—This is a shield that reflects the energy of others back at them via a mirror technique. This shield should only be used in emergency situations, because it’s not exactly polite. I hesitate to use a mirror shield unless absolutely necessary because it is designed to throw the negative energy of someone back at them, which isn’t really what lightworkers should do. So…

    • A great alternative to the mirror shield is a shield I designed called a “chandelier” shield—what this shield does is reflect the energy that someone is sending at you to the ground (instead of back at the person). This not only stops negative energy from perpetually floating around, but also sends it to Mother Nature—the master transmuter of negative energy.
      For this type of shielding, visualize a mirror reflecting at a 45º angle, (instead of at a 90º angle as with a normal mirror).

  • Pink Bubble—This is great for grumpy people. You can shield yourself (or others, but we’ll get to that in a minute) and it feels like a warm hug. It’s a great pick-me-up technique if you’re having a rough day.


Shielding Others

Shielding others is just as easy as shielding yourself. It’s also a great way to help others energetically the same way you would help yourself. You can help improve the mood of another person, calm them down, help relieve any anxiety, lift their energy up, protect them, or even help them feel less afraid or worried.

To shield another person, simply visualize that person’s presence—they can be in front of your or in another part of the world—visualize the energy enveloping them as you did in the steps above. The key to shielding others is ethics. Before you even begin to shield someone, you must first ask God/your angels to let them keep the energy if they want it, or for the energy to dissipate if they don’t. The reason? Free will. You don’t want to interfere in another person’s life if they truly don’t want the energy. BUT, it is quite rare for a shield to not stick because they usually want the extra help on at least a subconscious level.

The best shield to send to another person is usually the pink bubble shield. Even the grumpiest of people need love. If someone you know is going through a difficult time, or maybe you don’t get along as much as you like—try wrapping them in a pink bubble and watch how their attitude changes.

In Conclusion

As you can see, shields are versatile, great and easy ways to help keep your energetic body clean. If you practice shielding often, creating a shield will be like second-nature. I can attest to the numerous times shields have helped me, ranging from stopping energy vampires in their tracks, to gaining the advantage in an intense conversation, to helping ease someone’s pain. Shields require no magical tools—only your focus and will. What will you start using your shields for?