2019: The Year of Creativity


Can you remember where you were and how you felt in January of 2018?

For me, it felt like I was about to start a race. The energy of the beginning of last year had an angsty-sort of anticipation to it. Like I was getting ready for a marathon. And it was a marathon—not just for me, but for a lot of people I knew. We all went through some sort of internal revolution. Many of us experienced changes, loss, or situations that caused us to go deep within ourselves and figure out what we really wanted out of life.

2018: The Year of Inflection

Lessons learned.

Lessons learned.

2018 was a year of retrogrades. Every planet was in retrograde and for many of us, that was a time and opportunity for inflection. 2018 was needed as an emotional year of re-evaluating ourselves in order to reap the physical rewards and opportunities for all the hard work we did.

Not gonna lie. 2018 was a tough year. It was a year that challenged us. It forced us to reassess our boundaries, relationships and limits. It was a year that asked us to stop and think about what we really really wanted. It forced us to inflect and put an end to the things that no longer served us. It was certainly a year of endings and lessons for many of us.

The good news is that with every hardship, transformation or tough emotional experience, comes a new, positive opportunity. We’re shifting from a year of reassessing, strengthening and revolutionizing our values to creating new things, opportunities and works based on our internal hard work and authenticity from reviewing what we believe in.

2019: The Year of Creativity

When we let go of the old, it’s always to receive the new. 2018 as a year of endings has set us up for 2019 as a year of creativity and opportunity. Let’s dive into several aspects of the metaphysical energies that will be influencing 2019 and break down what that means for us.



The astrology of 2018 formed some hard aspects. There was a lot of Mars energy and Venus going retrograde (in Scorpio, no less!) was pretty heavy for all of us. Every year there are retrogrades, but 2018 was especially challenging in the sense that every planet went retrograde, including Venus and Mars (which only retrograde every 2 years). At one point, 6 planets were retrograde at the same time, and Jupiter (the planet of luck and expansion) was in Scorpio (the sign of death, depth, intimacy, and endings).

Now, the last planet of 2018 that is in retrograde (Uranus) goes direct on January 6th. This happens the day after we experience a solar eclipse with the new moon at 15º in Capricorn. This is a good omen, as the solar eclipse aligns with the star Vega—a creative, artistic sign. It’s also conjunct Saturn and influenced by Neptune, which will give it structural and spiritual energies as well. This helps set the tone for the year as Saturn will sextile Neptune three times throughout the year—encouraging spirituality, spiritual business and definition around your spiritual beliefs.

There is a January 21 lunar eclipse at 0º in Leo that will have a theme of change and opportunity (the 2nd of 5 full moons that land 0º in their respective signs). This is an important degree in astrology (known as a critical degree called an ingress), and means new beginnings. The number 0 in numerology represents all and nothing. It represents infinite potential and unlimited boundaries. It is the representation of God and his infinite wisdom. The fact that we have a series of full moons at 0º in their respective signs is a good omen that represents the infinite potential of new beginnings. Additionally, this full moon squares Uranus (who just went direct) creating some change energy. Intuitively, this eclipse feels like the last of the “out with the old” energy, to bring in the new.

He’s in his home sign this year, which will add a little luck for everybody!

He’s in his home sign this year, which will add a little luck for everybody!

Uranus will play an interesting role this year as it moves into Taurus in March (which is a big deal as it transits signs once every 7-ish years). Taurus is a fixed earth sign that rules finances, physical assets and the arts. Uranus likes to shake things up mentally as the higher octave of Mercury. When it’s in Taurus, it can create energies that encourage higher thinking/ingenuity regarding money, farming and fashion/the arts.

And last but not least, we’ve got big ‘ole Jupiter. He transits between signs once a year. This year, he’s in his home sign of Sagittarius—the sign of luck, philosophy, positivity and expansion until December 6th. Like Jupiter, Sagittarius is a “good mojo” sign, and will provide us all an extra sense of positivity and jovial attitude throughout the year. I feel this will give a lighthearted undertone to everything and a positive twist to any “shakeups” we might encounter.


Bring it.

Bring it.

The numerology of 2018 was heavy. It was an 11 year—a teacher year, and a master number of duality and lessons. It illuminated us to the deep things that no longer served us. 11 is a master number (and sometimes debated as the only number that shouldn’t be reduced in numerology). It is a number of spiritual evolution and the subconscious. 2018 as an 11 year asked us to align our conscious values with our true nature—making it a heavy year for many of us.

2019, however is a 3 year (2+0+1+9=12; 1+2=3). Numerologically, 3 years are highly creative. The number 3 in numerology represents creativity, the divine trinity, the birth of new ideas/ventures, God within us all, growth, groups, and group relationships. Doesn’t that sound like a positive number?

As a 3 year, 2019 will ask us to get our creative, spiritual and social grooves on. It’s a year that will allow us to intuitively tap into how we express ourselves artistically. You may find yourself delving into your creativity, intuition and ventures regarding the aforementioned. It’s a great year for starting group projects and finding your tribe. Look up your life path number and see how this year will affect you numerologically.

Year of the Pig

In the Chinese Zodiac, the pig represents good fortune, earthly values, work ethic, compassion and generosity. On February 5th, we will enter the year of the Earth Pig, making it a good year to invest and see investments pay off. Each animal sign in the Chinese Zodiac cycles through the elements. In the Chinese Zodiac, earth represents abundance, prosperity and investments. As an industrious sign, the Earth Pig can be a good sign for investing, depending on your zodiac compatibility.

In Summary

It looks like 2019 will be a better year for us all. In the very least, it’s gearing up for some opportunities and asking us to dust ourselves off and embrace them. No opportunity will be without effort, but there is light at the end of the 2018 tunnel of challenges. So let’s take advantage of the new, creative and industrious energies 2019 has to offer!