Getting the Most from a Reading

Call Ms. Cleo now!

Call Ms. Cleo now!

You give me $1,000 cash and I remove curse for you, yes?

We’ve all seen the gypsy lady stereotype from the movies with the bad accent. You know, the one with the dark, musty room and crystal ball. The scene usually includes a scary-looking tarot card, the word “death”, “curse”, or “fate”…and a corny scary movie plot. Bleh.

Whether it’s your first time getting a real reading, or it’s your 100th time—I’ve written some pointers below to get the most out of it. I decided to write this blog because I got some pretty consistent signs it was needed. Most first-time clients don’t know what to look for or expect from a reading. Many clients who frequent psychics can get a little jaded because they don’t know what to look for in a reading either and miss the forest for the trees, so to speak. So here are some tips on how to prepare for a reading, get the most from a reading, and what to look out for.

Before the Reading


Before your reading, it’s important to prepare the questions you want to ask. It’s best to write them down so you can articulate them. Sometimes people underestimate how nervous they can become when they sit down in front of a psychic, and the questions they prepared in their head go “poof”! This is something called psychic amnesia—when a client becomes disoriented because of nervousness and/or their channel (7th chakra) activating, making it harder to focus and remember things. So it’s important to write down the questions you want to ask. It helps keep you grounded, too.

It’s also important to keep and open mind and relax. Unlike McDonald’s, getting a reading isn’t exactly like ordering from a menu. Granted, a psychic should always make an effort to bring their clients clarity, but sometimes the Universe/Spirit/God has much bigger messages in mind than just answering the questions the client brings to the table. Often times, Spirit has a funny way of answering multiple questions with a larger theme that is going on. When a client keeps an open mind, they are more likely to understand the bigger picture and what they need to do to get to their end goals in the grand scheme of things.

I don’t wanna talk, Martha…can’t you see I’m a little busy haunting Fannie’s house right now?

I don’t wanna talk, Martha…can’t you see I’m a little busy haunting Fannie’s house right now?

This also pertains to mediumship readings. Occasionally the person that comes through isn’t the person that needs to deliver the message. They usually are, but in rare cases they may not want to come through. Don’t get upset when this happens—people have free will after they’ve crossed over too. Sometimes they want to talk, sometimes they don’t, and sometimes the message you need to hear may come from someone else.

If you have the opportunity, meditating before a reading can help extensively. It prepares your mind for the information you’re about to receive, and can help calm your nerves. I recommend meditating in general because of the extensive list of benefits it provides—but this is one of them too.

Last but not least, if you’re getting an astrology reading, have your birth date details ready. This includes the time of day and location you were born. If you don’t have access to this information, that’s OK—not everyone has it listed on their birth certificate, or even has access to their birth certificate—but if you do, it’s a good idea to look that information up and have it ready. Having the details of the time of day of your birth and location can help you get a more in-depth astrology reading.

During a Reading


Have a pen and paper handy! Even if you’re recording the reading (which I also recommend and most psychics allow), taking notes allows your own intuition to flow and emphasize details. When you’re getting a reading from a legitimate psychic, they glean a lot of information from their crown chakra (7th chakra) located at the top of their head. This is the primary connection between a person and God/Source. When a psychic reads a client and activates their crown chakra, this activates the client’s crown chakra too, amping up the client’s own intuition (knowingly or unknowingly). So when you’re taking notes in a reading, you’re getting information from Spirit too!

Have fun in a reading. They almost always go in a different direction than you initially expect. It’s not only good to keep an open mind, but to also stay lighthearted if you can. It’s understandable that not everyone can do this—sometimes we come in with big heavy questions/burdens/issues going on—but it still helps if you try. Even just a tiny bit.

A big mistake psychics and new clients alike tend to make when getting a reading is that they take things too seriously. It is extremely important that you use your power of discernment during a reading. Not all readings are created equal. Some psychics will channel more information, others may abuse ethics. When you use your power of discernment, you’re taking the information that you need to hear, and letting go of the information that you don’t need to hear from a reading.

For example, I had an astrology reading from an astrologer at a festival. It was my very first time getting an astrology reading, and Spirit told me to channel during the reading. So I did. When I sat down with the astrologer, it was as if he was giving me two entirely different readings. When he focused on the astrological information, it resonated strongly and my guides confirmed some of the things he said. When he began to say things from a fear-based frequency, my guides showed me he was speaking from his ego, and it even contradicted a lot of the things he said when he read chart just minutes prior! This was because some of the information he was providing was genuine astrological information, while the other information (the fear-based information) came from his ego. Had I not been channeling, listening to my guides showing me what was truth and what wasn’t and discerning the information he was telling me, I would have walked away from that reading very disheartened—I potentially could have energetically owned information that conflicted with what God wanted for my life path—all due to the ego of a reader.

The Do’s and Don’ts in a Reading


Here’s a list of the do’s and don’ts during a reading (for both psychics and clients alike).


  • Ask for more clarity or an additional explanation if the reader says something that is unclear.

  • Write down the feelings you get when something is said—especially if it resonates and “feels right”.

  • Silence your cell phone.

  • Be without any other distractions for that matter (kids, electronic devices, TV, people, background noise). This can distract the reader too and detract from the quality of the reading.

  • Be clear about boundaries. If you’re uncomfortable with the direction a reading is going, vocalize it. A psychic needs to know if they’re touching on a subject you don’t want to discuss.

  • Channel (if you’re psychic). It increases the quality of your reading and helps you discern.

  • Practice discernment. If it feels “right”, it usually is. If it makes you feel sick, uncomfortable or scared, it isn’t.


  • Don’t gossip. Period. This is a BIG pet peeve of mine. Another person’s life is none of your business unless it’s your kid and they’re under 18, or it’s an emergency situation. Readers shouldn’t be prying into other people’s lives, either. If they do this, consider it a big red flag and a lack of ethics.

  • Don’t believe fate is fixed. It isn’t. It’s good for psychics to state this at the start of a reading. If anyone says to the contrary, they’re trying to sell you something. Run away!

  • Don’t go in with the intent to harm another. I am blessed enough to not have had to deal with a client with malicious intent for another (yet), but just don’t do it! That’s REALLY bad karma. Any reader or psychic who willingly encourages sending harm to another has a serious lapse in ethics.

  • Don’t worry about what the psychic thinks of you. We’ve seen it all. Really. Our main focus is to deliver the information and just be the messenger—not to judge you at a low or vulnerable point in life. We’re not here to judge you, and usually the better the reader, the less you feel like you’re being judged.

  • Don’t take the reading too seriously, or try to absorb it all at once. Take your time going over what was said, and thinking over what felt right and what didn’t feel right in the reading. The words of a psychic are not the end-all-be-all.

Red Flags

Red flags. Not just for Socialism.

Red flags. Not just for Socialism.

Readers aren’t perfect. I’ll be the first to vouch for that. For the most part, we try our best and do years of self work to stay humble, serve God, and help others. Unfortunately, I can’t say that’s the case for every psychic. Some people don’t necessarily have your best intentions at heart. But this happens with every job field—there are good and bad cops, good and bad teachers, and good and bad politicians.

The red flags that indicate your reading isn’t ethical will generally come from your gut. Your body will tell you if the person giving you the reading doesn’t have good intentions. It usually does this through feelings, aches, and emotions. Your intuition will make you feel uncomfortable being in the room with an unethical reader, so listen to it. Sometimes the reader will be ethical, but your energies just don’t jive, or you may not be ready to hear the message they deliver. Either way, listen to your body.

Other red flags include topics in which the reader may feel like they’re controlling you, such as fate, death and romance. Fate isn’t fixed, you aren’t cursed, you’re not going to die, and the future is more or less as clear as a weather forecast. The Divine doesn’t deliver fear-based information. They generally as a rule don’t tell you when death will occur (as that also includes an element of free will). And you’re probably not cursed (especially if the reader offers you a discounted price to remove it—that’s a scam)—you just need to change how you think about things, and a salt bath wouldn’t hurt. Additionally, most readers can’t accurately predict long-term issues as that involves an almost statistically infinite amount of factors, such as free will, timing, mentality, soul contracts, etc…even moment to moment, a person can change their reality and destiny by simply changing their thoughts.


This pertains to mediumship and astrology readings too. The people that have crossed over are rarely stuck. I’ve seen people stuck in houses (haunted houses) but they’re usually older souls that have had most, if not all of their family crossed over. I usually call in Archangel Michael and he helps cross them over and get them “un-stuck”. With just about every mediumship reading I’ve encountered, your family that’s crossed over is fine on the other side. They’re usually happy that they’re free of illness, handicaps and physical limitations in general. Be wary of a psychic that says someone close to you is “stuck” on the other side—chances are, they really aren’t “stuck”—the reader just can’t get a good lock/read on them.

With astrology readings, be discerning of negative “fates”. The planets aren’t fixed, and neither are you. Any challenging aspects planets may have are there to help you grow stronger and step into your calling/power. Astrology is like a weather forecast too—just because they predict rain, doesn’t mean you’re going to get wet. It just means it might be a good idea to bring an umbrella and wear rain boots. Take any challenging aspects in your chart/transits as an opportunity to grow and a “heads up” for specific lessons and themes.

After the Reading

Read the notes you took (remember?) and listen to the reading more than once, at different times. It’s also a good idea to look for signs of confirmation from your reading, and take note of them too (meaning yes, write them down too!). Your reading and how you react to it can also change the course of fate. That’s why I keep emphasizing fate isn’t “fixed”. The course your life takes depends on how you think about it and manifest it. Take what is given to you as general guidelines that chan change based on your own free will. Most importantly, listen to your own intuition and see what it has to say about the reading and the steps you need to take in order to accomplish your goals.