Bad Psychic


Why I'm even writing this.


In a perfect world, there would be no bad psychics. All psychics would be honest, everyone would be deeply connected with their intuition, and Nutella would be free.

In a perfect world.

In short: I'm frustrated.

I'm frustrated with bad psychics giving unethical readings. Unfortunately, big egos have put a negative stereotype around this profession, and I'd like to shed some light on that. In this blog post, I'll give some clarity on how to spot the differences between a good and a bad psychic reading.

Another reason I'm writing this is because people value the words of a psychic. Many clients seek us out when they're vulnerable and in need. As psychics, it's our job to step out of the way and let the divine (spirit) give them the guidance they need, and remind the client that they're in control of their own lives. Anyone doing differently is on a power trip or trying to sell you something, and shouldn't be in this profession. 

Another reason psychics can give bad readings is because they aren't channeling properly. They're tuning into the wrong frequencies (something other than their guides) and delivering messages from something other than the highest vibrating frequencies. This leaves plenty of opportunity for the ego to step in and mess things up with hubris and self-gratifying false statements. Most often, these types of psychics don't even realize they're doing it. It's usually a result of a psychic not practicing proper energetic hygiene, and their ego creeping in a bit. Regardless of whether a psychic is deliberately giving a bad reading or not, It's important for clients to spot the "tells" of a bad reading so they can discern whether or not the information gleaned is something they should take seriously.

How to spot a bad psychic


The quickest way to spot a bad psychic depends on how you answer the following question:

How did the reading make you feel?

Did the reading inspire you, or upset you? Did you receive clarity, or did you feel like you were put in more of a fog? Did you cry after your reading because you were empowered, or because you were scared or hurt? Were you energized after your reading, or drained?

In short, a bad psychic (and a bad reading) will upset and/or drain you. Regardless of what is channeled, it's the delivery that is crucial when it comes to a psychic's ethics. Does that mean all readings should be positive? Not necessarily. Should all readings be empowering? Absolutely. Don't misunderstand me, clients don't always receive the news they want. I'd love to be able to predict everyone's lottery numbers — but alas, that has yet to happen. I'm not saying all psychics should be "Pollyannas", either. It's how the information is delivered (in a way that reminds the client they're in control of their own lives) that matters most. Psychics should always deliver messages of caution with love and the knowledge that the client has the power and is in control. 

Spotting a bad psychic

Here's a list of some of the things bad psychics do during readings, and why they're bad. If you see a psychic doing any of these things during a reading, run for the hills! 

Practical Magic. One of my favs.

Practical Magic. One of my favs.

  • Black readings — One of my biggest pet peeves. A "black" reading is when a psychic tells you that you or someone close to you is going to die, or something tragic or negative will happen. This is inaccurate for 2 reasons: First, spirit doesn't reveal to us the exact time, date, or how we're going to die. That's not how life (or even death!) works, and how we pass is up to our higher selves because of: Second, FREE WILL. Time is written in sand, not stone. Fate is anything but "fixed", and anything unpleasant in our futures can always be lessened or avoided altogether with the choices we actively make in the present. If a reader doesn't clarify these things, they're just trying to scare you.

  • "You're cursed!" — No, you're not. This is a classic tactic amongst con artists. It's usually followed with, "I can remove it for x-amount of dollars". "Curses" only have as much effect on you if you believe them. I have yet to have a client that's been "cursed". Besides, if anyone was throwing negative juju at you, there's PLENTY of metaphysical tools out there that any psychic can point you towards in order to protect yourself. You don't need a psychic or a spiritualist to solve your problems. We're only here to give you the tools you need to solve your problems yourself.

  • "You need to come back for more readings/sessions/etc..." — No, you don't. It's the goal of a psychic to make a client less dependent on the reader. Any reader that claiming that you need more readings or sessions is more focused on sales than the healing. That's usually a good indicator that they're stuck in their ego (and focused on making money) more so than helping you. A good psychic will sometimes even put a restriction up with clients (such as only one reading a month) to keep clients from becoming addicted to readings.

  • 3rd-party information — When a reader starts going into another person's personal life without their consent, that's not a reading. That's being nosey. That's also a good indicator that they're giving an empathic reading, when they should be channeling the information (that's two different frequencies). Unless it's your underaged child or an extenuating circumstance, what's going on in someone else's life is none of your business, or the psychic's for that matter. Discretion and privacy should always be taken into consideration during a reading.

  • Throwin' shade — When a reader starts dropping names and dissing other psychics, run. This is a sign they're in their own ego, and not in the best place to give a reading. It's kind-of an unwritten rule amongst psychics to not judge each other. We're all different. We all read differently. We're all going to channel information in a different way, and that's what makes us unique. There's no "right" or "wrong" way to read — as long as it's from a humble space and channeled from the divine. How one psychic reads the cards, or what type of scrying tool they use shouldn't be judged as right or wrong. When a psychic starts comparing themselves to others, or worse, claiming they're the "best", run! I can guarantee this person isn't going to give you an accurate reading because they're too deep in their own ego. In the end, we're all on the same team. We need to support each other, not cut each other down.

  • Obsessed with labels — Having a PhD doesn't make one psychic better than another. I've noticed there are a lot of classes on psychic development and spirituality out there, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I myself have taken classes. It's getting fixated on the labels and waving them around (as a form of comparison to other psychics) that the problem arises (see previous point). A good psychic focuses on how they can be of service to the client, not how much they get to brag to themselves.

  • Constant validation — When a reader needs constant validation, that's usually a red flag. It's to be expected with beginners, but not professionals. Another thing to look out for is generalities (read: Barnum effect) and excessive repeating and body language reading. That's usually a good indicator that they're too busy focusing on whether they got that one thing "right" with you than on staying in channel to relay the information like they're supposed to.

The Ego Monster

The "ego monster" is a term I borrowed from John Edward's book, Infinite Quest. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. The ego is indeed a monster that can find its way influencing even the best of us. It's the hubris within ourselves that can very easily get in the way of the message in any psychic reading. It's the inner drive to be flashy and feel important. When the ego monster gets in the way, it overshadows our ability to be humble and receive accurate messages for our clients.

The ego monster is dangerous for both readers and clients because it not only gets in the way of providing accurate readings, but it also limits the reader from their own spiritual growth. When a reader stays in their ego for too long, they end up starting to block themselves from the messages they need to receive in order to advance spiritually. 

A good psychic just shows up and does the work. The only reason we should be psychics at all is to help others. It's not about feeling special or important, and it certainly isn't about the money. If a psychic is pursuing this profession for any other reason than to help people, they should not be in this profession. 

Psychics aren't special

"I'm not a special little snowflake" is something I often find myself saying to my clients. Everyone can hone this skill and do what I do. The sole purpose I do readings is because I find it fulfilling to help people in this way. It brings me joy. That's the only reason why I do this. 

Call me crazy, but it's my goal — and I think it should also be the goal of every other psychic — to make my profession redundant. Moot. It's my goal to show my clients that they don't need me — and to give them the tools they need to empower themselves with positive spiritual knowledge. Spirituality and intuition should be normalized, not hoarded. The more we empower our clients, the more we're spreading and normalizing spirituality. The more we normalize it, the more our society is in touch with God and the divine. The more everyone connects to God, the more this world becomes a better place.

Isn't that what we all should strive for?