All Hallows' Eve




Halloween is known as a time of mischief. It happens when the air is thin with energy and thick with magic. It’s a time that invites silliness, creativity and festivity.

It’s debatably my most favorite holiday (close runners up are Christmas and the first day of spring), and it happens during my second-favorite season. But perhaps the biggest reason I love Halloween is because it is a time when people are open to spirituality more than any other time of year. It’s one of the few havens in our culture that invites an exploration into and curiosity of the paranormal.

Thinning of the Veil


This time of year (fall) has been celebrated throughout history and various cultures as a time of year to honor loved ones who have crossed over. The veil between worlds thins. It may have something to do with nature going dormant for winter, or the equinox. Either way, this season has been recognized by humanity as a time to respect, communicate, honor and celebrate our deceased loved ones.

Many cultures celebrated their loved ones around this time of year across the world—Feralia (Rome), Samhain (Pagan), El Dia de los Muertos (Latin America), Pitri Paksha (Hindu), to name a few. It’s actually quite a common theme that spans many cultures to honor our deceased friends and family. Humanity recognized and sensed that this time of year had a certain magic about it. The answer as to why that is may not be answered for quite some time, but the point is…it’s magic.

The Magic of it

full moon.jpg

Like I said, this time of year has a magic to it. As a psychic, the best way I can describe it is the air changes. The magic creeps in with fall, and my psychic senses heighten. For many psychics, we emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually react to the season. Dreams become more frequent and vivid. I know things more easily, and ambient energy can more easily be stirred, too. It feels like it’s my time of year to shine. I have met many practitioners that feel the same way as well. It feels as if we are gatekeepers being reawakened to stand as guards to the gates between realms. My mediumship becomes heightened, too.

It’s a time where magic manifests quickly, and rituals have a unique potency that is different from ones performed at other times of the year. Not to say the effectiveness is lessened at other times of the year, so much as the potency is increased in the fall and especially around Halloween. So it’s important to keep that in mind if you plan on doing any ritual work around this time of year.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things I have noticed about Halloween is the amount of spirits playing about on the nights of October 30th-31st. I feel lots of movement (large movement too) and playful energy about—it feels as if children have been let out to play for the first time in a while, with mostly benign energy. I honor it by respecting it, and watching it play. I think it’s not just the spirits of our ancestors that are out and about, but fae folk and other unique spirits that play on those nights.

Your Magical Halloween


Halloween is a time of magic, spirits and honoring your deceased loved ones. If you would like to add your own magical twist to Halloween, I’d recommend starting with baby steps. Maybe light a candle next to a picture of someone you love who has crossed over, or set some of their favorite food out for them. Perhaps even say a prayer for them.

Other magical things you can do for yourself are to light a candle for yourself (while setting clear intentions), sage your house, create a spell jar, or perhaps give yourself a tarot reading. Me personally? I think I’m going to light a candle for my family that’s crossed over, and perhaps even light one for myself too…

Other things you can do to honor both your spirituality and your ancestors is to listen. Look for signs more so than other times of the year. You’ll be surprised at how much synchronicities will quickly show up if you’re open to receiving them.

So this Halloween stop. Feel the magic. Be thankful for it. Listen.