The Ethics of Being Psychic


It's not that simple

Once upon a time, I though being a good psychic was pretty easy. When I first started giving psychic readings, I thought being right or wrong was pretty obvious: Be polite and honest with the client, and do the best you can.

Boy was I wrong. 

The more readings I did, the larger that "grey" area became. Clients with various circumstances would sit at my table and ask questions I wasn't sure how to answer. Worse, there were things I would tell clients that I thought were morally "OK", but then I find out later I did not handle the situation correctly. 

Gaining Clarity

It wasn't until I took Carl Woodall's psychic development class that I started to find clarity. Carl has been a professional psychic for a while, with lots of stories and advice to share. So when he talked about practicing boundaries with clients, the ethics of being psychic, and the repercussions thereof—I took it to heart. 

One of the biggest things he talked about in class was the distribution of 3rd party information. That's a BIG no-no, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Free Will

Free will is perhaps the top item on the list when it comes to the ethics of everything. Respecting free will is not just for psychic—it's just as much for people who can sense energy, empaths, telepaths, and everything in-between. 

Don't Push People

Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. ALWAYS ask yourself the following two questions:

  1. Could I?

  2. Should I?

Just because I can feel the emotions of every single person within a 1+ block radius, doesn't mean I should. Just because I can sense what's going on in your life, your relationships, your fears or your dreams by simply touching you or being around you, doesn't mean I should. I deliberately turn my abilities down (especially at work) to about 20% capacity so I don't constantly receive input on the lives of those around me. It helps me focus on work and retains their privacy. 

It Doesn't Work

Pushing people only temporarily works for a few reasons. Namely, free will and karma. You may have the ability to consciously sway someone, but unless that's what they're wanting you to do, the effects of what you're trying to do will fade on them. It's like a sailboat. The wind may sway it for a time, but if it chooses to lift its sails, it will be drawn in the direction of the natural undercurrent. 

I have seen people with tremendous psychic talent and natural abilities sway people—but it was always temporary. Saying they manipulated people would be too harsh of a word, but they would push people in a direction they thought was best for all. They thought it was morally right, and in doing so they thought they were helping others with their unique gifts. They thought they were using their abilities for the greater good, but in reality the effects of what they did always diminished because their actions were not ethical.

3rd-Party Information

Divulging 3rd-party information is also a big no-no. This is wrong on several levels because it is usually done without the consent of that party and is also an invasion of privacy. It's essentially gossip and and an abuse of power. Clients on more than one occasion have sat at my table, asking about the business of others they really don't need to know. I have often times had to put my foot down and tell them no (usually with push-back) because it's an invasion of privacy. If we respect this craft, we respect boundaries.

What clients really need to know is how to improve their end of the relationship with the party in question. They don't need to know what's going on in another person's life. This is a gateway to the negative energy of judgement and elitism—the last thing a client needs. It's often better to look over the situation and how the client handled it, and ask their guides why they're in this relationship with the other person and what they need to do to improve it. That's almost always OK to divulge and helps the client see things from a higher perspective.

The only exemption to this rule is with a caretaker situation. Especially a parent/minor child situation. Sometimes parents need to understand what's going on with their children. This is usually OK (but always double-check by asking guides) because the child is a minor without the fully developed ability to make mature choices like an adult. This is different with adult children, as they are independent adults with the ability to take responsibility for their actions. Spouses are in that notorious "grey" area, so it's always best to speak with your guides during the reading to see if that information is OK to divulge. It largely depends on the circumstances and energy of the question. Everybody else is pretty much off-limits.

We're Not God

We are utterly incapable of knowing what's best for others. It's like seeing an infinitesimally small flash of a diamond's sparkle and in turn exclaiming we understand the diamond in its entirety. The only being who completely understands every fiber of our being is God. You and I only see fractions of people—even with our gifts. If anything, my gifts have helped me understand my lack of knowledge regarding what's best for others. 

We aren't an entitled elite, endowed with secret superpowers to save people from themselves. If anything, our abilities should force an even larger sense of humility on us. Our gifts allow us to help people in unique ways, but we must remember to only help those that seek it.

I loved this movie (X-Men: Apocolypse)

I loved this movie (X-Men: Apocolypse)

They Will Find You

True healing comes when people are ready and willing to listen, and they will come find you.

A great example of this happened to me at work not too long ago. I was minding my own business at my desk and a co-worker came up to me and asked me if I knew a chiropractor. This was unusual, as they have never really approached me before on the subject. As we continued our conversation, I noticed my guides (guardian angels that guide people & psychics on their life path)  began to open up my abilities (remember I normally have them turned down) and they said this co-worker was drawn to me because they needed healing. I am a level 3 Usui Reki Master, but the co-worker didn't know this. All they knew is they were drawn to me because they felt I could help. Long story short: I was able to genuinely help relieve their pain because they came to me and asked for assistance in the best way they could.

People are subconsciously drawn to those that can help them (that's why most people LOVE empaths!). I actually make a deliberate effort to avoid imposing my spiritual knowledge on people—they always manage to find me and ask questions or ask for help.

I'll always teach those who are willing to listen, but people must have a genuine interest and drive for the knowledge to truly have a positive effect on their lives.

The Archangel Michael defeating Satan  (1635) by Guido Reni

The Archangel Michael defeating Satan (1635) by Guido Reni


It's uncanny how people wear their karma on their faces. Karma has a funny way of getting back at us when we try to push people or try to use our abilities for selfish or unethical reasons. Especially those with gifts. I've seen karma take away unethical people's mobility, their youth and even their abundance, to name a few.

On the same token, I've seen people look 30 years younger than they really are with amazing health and vitality because they were kind and respected the free will of others. 

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It's also extremely important to be ethical, moral and virtuous—especially as a psychic—because you get what you give. Carl Woodall said he has seen people's guides back away from a psychic as they progressed down a path that was not of light. It is of utmost importance for the energy of a psychic to remain pure so they can deliver a pure message. Any actions based on selfishness, greed, the ego, and especially fear will drive clients away. The same can be said for any intuitive. I've watched God put restrictions on people's natural intuitive abilities, on top of the negative karma they were manifesting for themselves, because they abused their gifts. 

Why the Complexity?

Things aren't black and white because we're not simple creatures. We are complex creatures, with complex lives, thoughts and feelings. We deal with difficult and complex situations because they cause us to inflect and learn more about ourselves, our own morals and ethics. Finding out the black and white of "grey" makes us more virtuous and positive (in a karmic sense) if we're willing to pay attention and learn from the situation. 

The Annunciation  (1917) by William Waterhouse. I'm a sucker for Pre-Raphaelite paintings.

The Annunciation (1917) by William Waterhouse. I'm a sucker for Pre-Raphaelite paintings.

In Conclusion...

So how do we wade through this quagmire we call ethics?


When I give readings and I'm asked a hardball question that I'm not sure is right, I'll go up to my guides and ask them what to do. Sometimes they'll say the client is allowed to know certain info, sometimes they say no. It just depends on the situation.

If you can't talk to your guides yet, then ask your body. Yes, you read that correctly. Ask your body what a "yes" feels like, and wait to feel the shift—then ask it what a "no" feels like, and wait a moment to feel any changes again. You may feel a temperature change, tingling (or other sensations) an energetic shift if you're sensitive enough, or even a mood swing. 

Basically, when in doubt, ask God what to do. Ask your guides and angels. Just ask, and you'll always get an answer if you're open enough and willing to receive—even if it's an answer you may not like. 

Using the ability to discern, inflect and ask God for help will always keep you on the path of light. This path is narrow but yields great benefits, opportunities and friendships. Being open and willing to constantly learn, improve and grow is what makes the best of any person.