He's My Soul What?

Work yo magic Pepe.

Work yo magic Pepe.

Soul Family. 
Soul Mates.
Soul Twin.
Twin Flames...

Just about everyone has (or is looking for) a special "someone" in their life, but what does all of the spiritual terminology mean?

It's pretty easy to get confused with all of those terms. I know I was for a while...which is part of the reason I chose to write this blog post. I'll go into the best detail I can about their meanings, the differences (and the similarities) of each. The best way to go about this is to think of it as a Venn Diagram. Each is unique, but it all overlaps.

...But First

You're not meant to be alone in life. No one is. We may be lonely at times, or heartbroken even—but I've never had a client that that didn't have a soulmate already in, or coming into their lives (if the client was willing to receive them). The only people who are alone are the ones that consciously and actively choose to be alone by energetically pushing their soulmates away. The best way to push love away is to convince yourself you would be miserable with it, or that it won't make you happy. If you tell that to the universe, the universe will listen. 

The best way to indraw love is to prepare for it. You can do this by getting rid of things in your home you don't use or need (by means of a yard sale, donating it to charity or even simply throwing things out you no longer use). Getting rid of old energy in a home always allows new, positive energy in. And springtime is the perfect time to do it! 

So if you're wanting to bring a soulmate into your life (or a new job, friends, or opportunities) what you basically need to do is get rid of old stuff. Works like a charm every time. Why? Because everything is energy! Letting go of old energy always allows us to receive the new.

Soul Family

Your soul family is best described as your family on the soul level. These are people who incarnate with you across lifetimes. They can be good or bad people. The bad ones incarnate in this life with you to help you learn a particularly hard lesson, and balance negative relationship karma. The good ones incarnate with you to help you grow and support you. I see soul family often times incarnate as actual family, or best friends. Not everyone in your soul family is a soulmate, but all soulmates are soul family. 


Soulmates are very close soul family. They aren't just restricted to sexual relationships, either. You also do not necessarily have just one in life—you can have several! I've seen soulmates incarnate as sisters, mother/son, father/daughter, best friends...you name it. I also seen them as lovers or spouses, of course—but a soulmate can truly be defined as a close soul family relationship.

Soulmates are people you've had close relationships with incarnation after incarnation. You can usually tell if someone is your soulmate when you feel like you've met them before, even if it's your first time meeting them. The relationship is just "natural". You could've known them a day and it feels like you've known each other for a lifetime. You finish each other's sentences. Their energy feels like "home". Some people even get a "buzzing" feeling around a soulmate. That feeling is your body's way of telling you that person is a significant part of your life.

Soul Twin

Very rare, but based on my research, soul twins are getting less rare these days. The term "soul twin" is usually used synonymously with twin flame, but they are not necessarily the same. A soul twin is someone who is your divine compliment. Literally. Also, unlike soul family or soulmates, you only have one soul twin. They were designed to be your compliment on the soul level. They are the soulmate of soulmates (and if they've incarnated with you, they are usually sexual relationships but not necessarily restricted to that). When a soul is made, it is made with a compliment. Like yin and yang. A soul twin is either very close to you in life or (if they chose not to incarnate) very closely helping you on the other side. I've seen less than five instances where a soul twin wasn't a romantic partner.

The way you can tell someone is your soul twin is you both have an unusual amount of synchronicities (dates, childhoods, life experiences, quirks, interests). And yet, be exact opposites about other things. One is always predominantly yin and the other, yang. Much like soulmates, you may barely know them but can immerse yourself in a deep, passionate conversation with them as if you had both been friends for decades. Your energy will always buzz around a soul twin, and you'll usually have very similar or almost identical energy signatures. 

A soul twin is unforgettable. Once you meet your soul twin and "click", you'll always have that person in the back of your mind to one degree or another for the rest of your life. I usually see soul twins appear in the lives of older souls. I think this is less common among younger souls because the chemistry is too intense. Which leads me to the last category...

The Two of Cups is all about soulmate relationships. The caduceus is symbolic for Archangel Raphael, the Archangel of soulmates.  

The Two of Cups is all about soulmate relationships. The caduceus is symbolic for Archangel Raphael, the Archangel of soulmates.  

Twin Flame

Twin flames are soul twins who are destined to be together. This is almost verbatim what my guides told me (because I had to ask). For the longest time I wasn't sure what the difference between "soul twin" and "twin flame" was, but according to my guides a twin flame is a soul twin that you're meant to have a romantic relationship with. All twin flames are soul twins. All soul twins are soulmates. All soulmates are soul family (but the reverse is not necessarily true—if that helps with hierarchy). 

Much like a soul twin, a twin flame is also unforgettable. The relationship won't necessarily start with "love at first sight", but when they meet and finally "click", there is an obvious and distinct chemistry that others will take notice of. When they're around each other, the air not only buzzes, but there is an almost tangible distortion. There's also a permanent empathic connection that is made that could only be described as "heart strings" which may fade but unlike every other type of chord, cannot ever be completely severed. A twin flame and by proxy, a soul twin will almost always be able to gauge how the other twin is feeling or even what they're thinking. 

A twin flame relationship is deep, intense and powerful—but not always long-term. I think this is because the relationship is almost too intense. The ones that do have long-term relationships (such as the relationship between Edgar Cayce and Gladys Davis Turner) are very old souls who have worked on handling their intensity across lifetimes. It takes a lot of work to keep a twin flame...but for obvious reasons, it is certainly worth it.

When you meet your twin flame, you know it's your twin flame. Your very soul recognizes them on a soul-level as your twin. It's as if their energy shines, and your feelings for them resonate within you down to the deepest part of your heart. You'll think about them every day, to one degree or another. Also, due to the uniqueness of a twin flame relationship, the things you see as issues that need to be worked out with your partner are always issues you need to work on within yourself. Also, age and even looks don't matter with a twin flame. The love of a twin flame goes beyond age or physical appearance.

Another trend amongst twin flame relationships is that they work like a caduceus from top to bottom. At the start of the relationship they may not see each other much, may occasionally run into each other or even may barely be on each other's radar—but they always begin to intertwine more and more until they eventually become significant parts of each others lives. 

So in conclusion...

The terms overlap, but I like to think of them in levels. Not everyone is meant to meet their twin flame in this lifetime per se, but they're certainly not meant to be alone. I believe everyone has at least soulmate, and is meant to find their soulmate (whether it be a friend, lover or family) at some point in their life.