Everybody's Psychic


I know what you're thinking. Yeah, right. There's no way I'm psychic. How can I possibly have any intuitive abilities? 

But it's true! As human beings, we're all connected at a base level. The only people that wouldn't have much of a psychic ability would be sociopaths...because they have zero empathy. They literally shut themselves off empathically from the world (for one reason/factor or another). But besides that, everybody is intuitive, and can increase those skills with practice. Natural intuitives, much like natural swimmers (like Michael Phelps) or golfers (like Tiger Woods) may have a bit of a "head start"—but are by no means special little starfish. Just about everyone can swim or golf. The same goes for a person's intuition. Everyone is intuitive, and if you're drawn to metaphysics or harnessing your intuition in any way (and chances are that you are, because you're reading this blog) then it's meant to be in your life on some level.

Does this mean you should run to the nearest metaphysics store, buy a crystal ball and start charging by the hour? No. If anything, it means you're meant to harness your full potential as a human being and use your gifts in your life, much like you would salt to add flavor to a dish. You can incorporate your abilities to enhance your life and the lives of those around you if you use them ethically and morally. Harnessing your abilities properly will allow you to be better at not just your job, or your relationships—but better at being you and understanding yourself for who you truly are. 

...and you're not the only one out there. Especially as of late, I've had a lot of clients come to me wondering what the heck is going on. They think they're crazy for getting weird "vibes" or having unusual dreams or not being able to explain why they are suddenly more sensitive to people around them than they were before. Many feel relieved when I tell them they're not crazy, and that I went through the same thing. There are a lot of people "awakening" to their spiritual growth (here's a link to one of my previous blog posts about the symptoms of awakening and stuff ).

Caveat (one of many): I'm not a doctor, psychiatrist or psychotherapist. This blog post shouldn't substitute actual medical advice, and if you genuinely feel mentally unstable you probably need to get that checked out by a licensed practitioner of the aforementioned fields. If you're pretty sure you're not mentally unstable (for the most part), feel free to continue reading.

So, what kind of abilities can someone have?

Well, I'll tell you. There are plenty of abilities out there and I've broken them up into primary and secondary abilities.
Another Caveat: This is purely my own theory based on observations of myself and a multitude of others with psychic gifts. I by no means consider myself an expert in the field of metaphysics. I just like to understand, take note, notice trends and share my findings. That being said, I'd like to see what other psychics/intuitives/practitioners think about it...but, we'll see...anyways, here it goes.

Primary abilities:

Empathy or telepathy. The reason I say "or" is because I have never come across anyone with these gifts that was just as good at empathy as they were at telepathy. Of course you can have both, but one (I think) is the primary due to personality types. The ability that chooses to manifest depends largely upon how a person's brain is wired. Creative people tend to lean empathic, and analytical/scientifically-minded lean telepathic. Empathy is the more common of the two, but they also manifest in levels/degrees (we'll get to that in a bit).

These are also the abilities that manifest within most people who are uniquely gifted at an early age. The ability grows with the personality. Also, the degree in which the ability manifests depends on a "formula" that starts at an early age. The usual formula for having these abilities at a significant level is a bad childhood (usually a bad/abusive parent), a severe trauma (usually in the early/teenage years), or a combination of the two.

Like I said earlier, everyone can be gifted, but savants tend to go by the aforementioned formula. I think everyone can be telepathic or empathic, but not everyone is meant to be a level 5 telepath or level 5 empath. The ones who are, tend to be attracted to the concept and wired appropriately to handle that gift (among other spiritual factors that I won't get into with this blog post).

The Magicians. I love this show. Except for that last episode of season one...that was a rough one. Left a bad taste in my mouth.

The Magicians. I love this show. Except for that last episode of season one...that was a rough one. Left a bad taste in my mouth.

Secondary abilities:

Everything else. The claires (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, clairtangency and clairgustance), visions, psychometry, precognition, and natural healing abilities that couldn't be categorized under reiki or pranic healing.  


These are abilities that anyone can develop, regardless of how psychic they feel they may be. Mediumship, energy manipulation (including constructs, shielding, etc...), channeling and virtually anything involving energy or ritual-based "magic".

Levels of Empathy & Side Effects:

Empathy is the more common of the two primary abilities. I think this is because a majority of the population is more emotional than they are logical. So empaths, based on this statistic, will manifest more often. I've categorized empaths into 6 different levels, starting at 0.

Yet Another Caveat: I think both empaths and telepaths can always increase their abilities with practice. To a degree (some may have spiritual limits deliberately put on themselves but that's an entirely different blog post)...This is just a way to measure the degree. Also, there are side effects to being an empath. People naturally trust them. As in, making friends and getting people to trust them is just as easy as breathing air. People almost always feel comfortable talking to empaths, and animals adore them.

Empaths also make great advisors, councilors and teachers. The downside: empaths have a hard time separating their emotions from the emotions of others. They'll get a headache or a random emotion out of the blue—all because they were in proximity to someone that had that headache or feeling, and the empath subconsciously took it on. People are also subconsciously aware that someone is an empath. That's why they're drawn to the empath, and talk to them about deep personal stuff. They're subconsciously purging and dumping their emotions on the empath. So it is crucial that empaths learn how to block, turn down their abilities and ground when they're around others and don't want to receive that.

Level 0: Just about everyone is a level 0 empath. Everybody...except sociopaths. That's why they're sociopaths—because they cannot connect to others emotionally. They don't know how to love. Other than that, we all connect energetically on a human level. It's the connection that allows us to feel basic love and compassion for each other. 

Level 1: A little bit more intuitive than the average person. Good at sizing up a person pretty quick. Also kinda sensitive. Good with animals and children. 

Level 2: May consciously be aware of the fact that they're empathic. Gets good "feelings" about people all of the time. Good at sales. Tries to avoid violent movies.

Level 3: Definitely knows they're empathic on a conscious level. Almost always knows when someone is lying, and has a decent sense of knowing the emotions of others around them. People may walk up to them on occasion and just talk about their problems. They may even have other types of empathy, such as mental empathy, physical empathy or geomantic empathy. Doesn't watch the news or violent movies very much.

Level 4: Has developed the majority (4 to 5 of 6) of the types of empathy there are. Always knows the emotions of others around them, and abilities can extend out to around a one block radius. People commonly walk up to them (strangers and friends alike) to talk to them about their emotional problems. Easily makes friends with perfect strangers. Can sway the emotions of others with enough concentration. Can connect to multiple people at once on an empathic level and sway them emotionally. Can tell if others are empathic or psychic.

Level 5 (rare): Has developed all 6 of the types of empathy to a degree of significant confidence in each. Always consciously knows the emotions and levels of emotions of those around them. Even knows the emotions of people they are in a close relationship with or care deeply about (regardless of proximity). Can instantaneously change the emotions of others. Emotional personality changes (consciously or subconsciously) to adapt to the people they're conversing with. Can also increase or decrease the psychic abilities of others temporarily. People subconsciously follow/congregate around them in public places (such as the mall or the supermarket). Can sense and determine the type and degree of psychic abilities in others. If touched or in close proximity to someone, they immediately obtain the person's energy signature, can understand the relationships that person has with their own friends & family, may even absorb memories. Also can subconsciously awaken the latent intuitive abilities of others around them. If they aren't careful, they may accidentally (subconsciously) sway the emotions of others around them, making emotional discernment in long-term relationships (or with people they're around for long periods of time) difficult.

Levels of Telepathy & Side Effects:

Like empaths, I've also categorized telepaths into 6 levels, from 0-5. Telepaths are the less common of the two primary abilities, and usually male (analytically-minded). Of all the telepaths I've met, only 3 were female. Not saying there aren't more out there...they're just usually guys. The side effects of telepathy aren't that great because people on a subconscious level are aware of a telepath's natural gifts. Telepaths tend to have a hard time gaining trust with the average Joe.

It's as if they are constantly being tested by people trying to "weasel" their way past—or by people trying to get away with something. They are often times emotionally challenged in some way by the mistrust of others. This is because people are aware of a telepath's ability on a subconscious level, (just as they're aware of an empath's ability on a subconscious level) so they subconsciously become guarded. This consciously manifests as mistrust or "testy" behavior.  

Telepaths are essentially the direct compliment to empaths. They read the energy in the mind, while empaths read the energy in the soul. Telepaths also have genius level IQ's. I've never met a decent telepath that wasn't crazy smart. They're also better at expressing thoughts over emotions. Not to say they aren't emotional, but the forté of a telepath is logic. Emotions are a weak spot in the sense that they have a hard time conveying their feelings as well as an empath can. Usually the more telepathic they are, the harder it is. 

Level 0: Everyone is a level 0 telepath. Perhaps even sociopaths. This is because everyone is connected on a very deep level to the collective conscious. A good way to understand the telepathic aspects of that connection is to recall a time when you're conversing with someone and they're explaining a concept and you understand it easily. 

Level 1: Good at picking up ideas from others. Understand complex concepts being explained with ease. Good at explaining concepts. Does not necessarily consciously know they're telepathically adept. 

Level 2: Analytically-minded. Tends to gravitate towards math, music and/or science. Decent at both sending and receiving subconsciously. May get an idea out of the blue, hear a random thought or concept without knowing why. 

Level 3: Consciously knows they're a telepath or have telepathic gifts on some level. Can usually ballpark a thought, or even recall a specific thought quoted in someone else's' head. Feels drawn to assisting group efforts, but may not feel deeply connected within the group due to the subconscious mistrust/unease of others. Can send a thought to someone with enough concentration. 

Level 4: Good at sending and receiving concepts. Can see the minds of others on at least two levels (both overt and not so obvious thoughts happening simultaneously). Sends thoughts with relative ease. May have a basic understanding of creating mental constructs. Can read multiple minds at once.

Level 5 (rare): Technically called "mental architect". Can send and receive thoughts/concepts instantaneously, to multiple people. Good at creating constructs on a mental level, and can interconnect mental states in a room (like a network) through energetic constructs (tech). With enough time, can rewire the mental architecture of another's brain/flow of conscious. Are usually aware of the mental states of the people closest to them, regardless of proximity. Also can subconsciously awaken the latent intuitive/telepathic abilities of others around them. If they aren't careful, they may accidentally (subconsciously) sway the mental states of others around them, making mental discernment in long-term relationships (or with people they're around for long periods of time) difficult (i.e. those around them may start to develop signs of cognitive dissonance, a "foggy" brain or difficulties making decisions).

In Conclusion...

Like I said before, no one is limited to just one ability. Everyone can increase their abilities—it just takes practice and really depends on how badly you want it. I've known primary telepaths with strong secondary empathic abilities, and vice versa. Also, if you develop and discipline your spiritual gifts, you will find your existing abilities will increase, and you might even start to develop new ones. I chose to create the level system primarily for empaths and telepaths because those tend to be the core abilities all intuitives and gifted practitioners have. In a way, they're the foundations for the rest of their abilities and their understanding of the world around them.