Crow spirit started showing up right before my "resurrection" phase. If you aren't familiar with animal totems, Google "crow totem meaning". Fun stuff.

Crow spirit started showing up right before my "resurrection" phase. If you aren't familiar with animal totems, Google "crow totem meaning". Fun stuff.

"Gnothi Seauton"
—"Know Thyself"—a Delphic Maxim that was once inscribed in the forecourt on the temple of Apollo at Delphi.

Once and only once in someone's life, (and not necessarily every person will experience this), a person will go through a phase in which they question everything. Maybe it's what some call an existential crisis. Or perhaps a midlife crisis. Amongst psychics, it's called the "death"—or more aptly phrased "resurrection" phase.

Either way, it sucks. 

It's actually the last of three phases considered amongst practitioners—the "Awakening", the "Transition" and then the "Death" or "Resurrection". I like resurrection better imho. 

The "Awakening".

Just about everyone who's even mildly psychic has gone through this on some level. It's a phase where their abilities are opened up rather abruptly. The most common version of this is through a traumatic experience. It can happen at an early age, when someone is much older, or even (very rarely) a person can be born "awakened". 

It can also happen in stages, especially if one had an unpleasant childhood (which tends to manifest strong empathic abilities), and a jarring experience afterwards (which opens up the rest). That was my case. I always remember being empathic, but the rest of my gifts came later after a personally traumatic experience at 14 (I won't go into detail).

After that, I began to "see" the energy in the air—like TV static. The empathy became stronger (it still hurts when people make physical contact with my skin unless I can see it coming, like a handshake)...and I just "knew" things about people. Reading people's body language and facial expressions became a lot easier. I could even tell how they were feeling without looking at them. Then I found I would just "know" more about people if I concentrated on them, or saw their picture. 

There are plenty of websites with articles on the symptoms of "awakening" if you're curious.

My current mood.

The "Transition".

This one can suck too. It doesn't necessarily happen to every psychic, but it definitely happens to the ones who are more serious about progressing in their spiritual growth. It can even happen in combination with the "resurrection" phase, but not often. The "transition" phase is one where the environment of the practitioner shifts, substantially. Usually it's a change in friends, a job, or a huge move—but it's basically summarized as a big external shift of sorts. 

It's because spirit wants you in a setting to progress your spiritual development, and releases you from things, people, environments, you name it—that are holding you back. For a lot of people, it's friends and family that would work against them. I think that's because most people have a hard time being alone. 

For me, it was the move. You can read all about that in my other blog post.

The "Resurrection".

Please tell me there are some GoT fans in the house...Daenerys fan for life!

Please tell me there are some GoT fans in the house...Daenerys fan for life!

In some ancient cultures, Egyptian if I'm not mistaken, a potential priest or priestess would be locked in a sarcophagus as part of the initiation. Much like a coffin, they would be locked in it for days with just enough air so they wouldn't suffocate. Some called this the dark night of the soul, where we are faced with our fears and forced to question ourselves. If they lived (sometimes they died from fear), they passed. 

I am currently going through this and don't like it very much, either. Granted, I'm not being locked away in a coffin, but it's no cakewalk, either...probably due to my big ego (but I'm working on it!).

It's basically the "you-don't-know-jack-about-anything-and-we're-going-to-do-a-hard-reset-on-your-whole-world" phase. It's the question everything phase. It makes you take a hard look at everything you thought you were confident in and forces you to re-evaluate it. It is tempting to doubt ones self but that's not what this phase is for. It's the phase that purifies your alignment with your higher self and makes you shed any egotistical ideologies that are holding you back. Tough stuff. Bah humbug—and I'm just in the beginning stages of it.

When you reach this phase, it's as if you're being forced to leave the empires you've built to go wander in the desert with no direction or reference point, except for the stars—our Spirit guides and angels. It makes you question your existence, which is why I put my quote of choice in the beginning.

When your grip on reality begins to shake, all you have is the awareness of your existence. All you have is that sense of self-awareness as your validation, your vindication. From that rock, that base, you can begin to climb again. You can begin to build again, with empires built on your relationship with Spirit instead of your ego, your virtues instead of your vices.  

The "resurrection" phase isn't for every psychic to experience. In all actuality, it isn't for a lot of psychics to experience. But when you experience it, you know you're experiencing it without a shadow of a doubt in your mind. It can happen over the course of a moment, a month, or even years. It's a form of purification that will increase your abilities and relationship with Spirit when you come out on the other side...because Spirit is the only thing that stays steadfast and by your side in this process. 

In Conclusion.

I'm not much for recompositions, but Max Richter is the $hit. So is Vivaldi. Props.

I am not sure how long my "resurrection" phase will last, though Spirit says it will happen over the course of a couple of months, with the remnants likely lasting years. I do know that I'll come out better on the other side, and that I'm safe. I've been meditating on what it means to know myself and that also seems to help.  

Those I know that have gone through all three phases are not normal creatures who walk this earth. To say I might walk among them would only placate my ego, but I do know I am changing, I am changing substantially, for the better. I hope I will be as graceful and compassionate as those creatures are. Either way, these hardships, whether internal or external, are a privilege to experience, because they make a person stronger.

An easy life is for the meek.