Fail to Succeed

Words to live by.

Words to live by.

For the longest time, I had a fear of losing my job. I had this fear of after going through college and years of professional experience in my career field, that I'd end up at a dead end. That with a full awareness of our shaky economic recovery, I wouldn't find a job ever again in my field.

Though this fear seems a little irrational as I type it out, it felt all too real when I lost my job about a year ago. I almost broke, Mentally. Though, more on that story will be said in another blog post. This one is focusing more on our faulty views of the subject of failure.

To put it bluntly, we are born into a society that ingrains within us all a fear of failure. We experience it through the grades we receive throughout our childhood and early adult life in grade school and college. It is practically intertwined in not only our rote methods of education, but our culture as well. 

We are mistakenly led to believe our failures—that "F" you received in math, losing your job, burning the cookies in the oven—are reflections of our character. They aren't. Sometimes math isn't our forté. Sometimes it's budget cuts. Sometimes a really good episode of Game of Thrones is on and you didn't set a timer. We forget failure is sometimes just out of our hands (well, sans that Game of Thrones bit, but hey GoT>cookies amiright?). Failure doesn't make you any less of a person—and it certainly doesn't define who you are. 

Taking that leap doesn't always land you success, but surviving failure will.

Taking that leap doesn't always land you success, but surviving failure will.

It's also amazing how quickly we also forget failure is temporary. After my roughly 3-month stint of unemployment I found an amazing job. Now, I have absolutely no fear of losing my job. The idea no longer scares me, because I've been through it before and survived.

I faced it before, so I know now I can confidently face it again. 

Lastly, failure is a part of success. Experiencing failure helps us understand it's only temporary. Getting over that fear releases the invisible ties that keep us from leaping forward even further. 

So if an when you fail, remember these three statements:

My failures do not define my character.
This is temporary.
I will grow from this.

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