The Right Mix


My current mood.

I feel like an idiot for not thinking of this sooner— 
Mixing my art and intuitive abilities. 

I haven't consciously thought about it, really. But now that I do, it's so obvious artists channel when they create. To one degree or another, anyways. Does this make artists (or even creatives in general) more psychic than the average person? I think so. But then again, I technically think everyone is psychic and can unlock their abilities if they try. Maybe artists just have that "leg up" so to speak because art is intuitive on some level.

I had this realization when I was painting the other day with a fellow intuitive. She went into detail about how she mixes her two gifts, and it was as if a lightning bolt went through my head.

When I paint I'm channeling.

The initial sketch.

The initial sketch.

My friend was like, "Of course you're channeling!" I feel like such a dumbass for not connecting the dots sooner. It feels the same way when I give readings. I just wasn't consciously noticing the parallels in sensations. On both accounts my personality shifts into the same mindset, and my head chakra starts to activate. On both accounts I also get ideas, concepts and feelings that come to me—and I know they're originating elsewhere. 

...and honestly, spirit has been trying to tell me this the for some time. 
Last week I had a reading with Carl Woodall and he had mentioned how I would be able to incorporate the two. Before that, there had been previous incidences where people had mentioned that I should do "psychic art". It didn't resonate with me at the time because I assumed it was like drawing ghosts or something, but now I see what Spirit/my guides were trying to tell me. They were trying to show me I could channel (even more than I subconsciously was) while I paint. 



Even before all of that, Spirit has been urging me to mix everything I do together. They wanted me to stop "turning off" my abilities at work—and instead build stamina by having it on all the time. I can only assume that is so I can handle processing information quicker. It needs to spill over into everything (not just the fairs and at readings), versus the continuation of my strong tendencies to compartmentalize the various aspects of my life. Not easy for someone who has made a habit of hiding. 

In that reading with Carl I also consciously became aware of my tendency to see things intuitively in paintings. Sometimes I see worlds or other dimensions if I turn my "spidey senses" on while looking at them. It reminded me of how I would fixate on the Bierstadt or Singer Sargent at the Birmingham Museum of Art when I lived in Alabama. 

Final product.   She Who Runs With Wolves

Final product.
She Who Runs With Wolves

I already knew how I would get feelings from paintings. Walking through an art museum has always been a fun roller coaster of emotions. Looking at a painting is almost like looking into the soul of some artists. There is always a residual emotion there. Sometimes there will be thoughts and feelings the artist left. It's literally a small world they created—full of amazing things.

I get strong feelings/sensations from certain songs too, but that's a tempting digression best served for a later blog post (auditory-tactile synesthesia/sensitivity to touch can be an amazing bitch though). 

Anyways, it was an exhilarating discovery. As my friend and I painted that day I began to consciously channel Spirit while I painted. I found as I did this, painting became immensely easier. There was more energy in the end result too. It seemed to feel more pure. 

So, long story short I went out and bought the biggest Aquaboard Dick Blick had (22x30—as big as a large sheet of cold press) for another project on my mind. Go big or go home!!!

I'm getting so excited.