Inktober and Training to be a Medium


This month—really this year—has been anything but boring.


The Inktober Challenge!

The Inktober Challenge!

Once a year, I attempt the Inktober Challenge. For those of you who don't know (or follow my Instagram) it's an annual challenge for artists that falls within the month of October. The rules of the challenge are pretty simple: create one ink drawing a day throughout the month of October. You can sketch it out in pencil first, if you want, but the final drawing has to be in ink. Not pencil. Some people—a lot of people, actually—post their progress (or "proof", rather) on social media.

I was so excited to begin with, I even bought a sketchbook for the cause. I'm picky about my sketchbooks too. Some girls like shoes, others like Louis Vutton. Me? Dick Blick art stores...and fancy sketchbooks. I am a sucker for gold. Or black. Or black and white. 

Inktober sounds easy, right?

I must admit, I've already slipped up a couple of times. BUT in my defense, I'm also a busy gal.
So, I just did 2 in one day for the couple of days I did miss drawing.

A sketch every day isn't as easy as it sounds, though. 
I'm the kind of person who likes to be in the "mood" to sketch/draw/paint...which isn't every day. Rarely every week even. But that's what I like about Inktober. It forces me to sketch—whether I want to or not. 

I have a confession to make: I cried a little when I went to Dick Blick and couldn't find these because they were sold out. When they restocked I  almost  bought them out.  Almost . I left the last one because I didn't want to be "that guy". Because "that guy" is a dick. And dicks aren't cool yo.

I have a confession to make: I cried a little when I went to Dick Blick and couldn't find these because they were sold out. When they restocked I almost bought them out. Almost. I left the last one because I didn't want to be "that guy". Because "that guy" is a dick. And dicks aren't cool yo.

Inktober also helps me improve my sketching. I've noticed that I get better at sketching as the month progresses. This month I'm focusing on being more "impromptu" with my drawings. I normally like to plan ahead, but deliberately keeping my mind blank until I pick up the pen—or pencil—forcing me to think on the spot.

I took it up a notch the last few days by doing straight pen sketches/drawings, going against my instincts and standard "plan-it-out" style.
They turned out better than I thought!

We'll see how the month progresses. Stay tuned ;-)

Mediumship Training

I think the first time I successfully communicated with the spirit of someone's loved one who had long since passed (and got confirmation) was at a close friend's house while we were having a glass of wine. They already knew I was weird so they didn't freak out. Too much.
Note: I prefer to say "spirit" instead of "dead person" or "ghost" because I can't help but think of that one scene where Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore ruin a clay pot on a throwing wheel when I use the latter two. Two people can't throw a pot on a wheel. I should know. I took pottery. Take turns. Jeez...But I digress...
Anywho...I successfully channeled this person's loved one. I think that was 3 or so years ago, but I've sensed spirits/stuff since I was a kid. Just didn't care much to talk to them. It kinda freaked me out for the longest time, actually.

I deliberately chose to cut it off until recently because I was scared of it. It also didn't help that it made me think of that other scene in the movie where Whoopie Goldberg lets all of the ghosts in and out of her body like a Holiday Inn. That's what I USED to think mediumship was. Boy was I wrong. It isn't like that, well mostly, anyways. There are different types. I'll explain in a minute.

This image basically sums me up. All we're missing is a Star Wars reference.

This image basically sums me up. All we're missing is a Star Wars reference.

So, as I began to understand mediumship more and more, the less I was intimidated by it, and the more I was drawn to it. I was drawn to it in part to discipline the gifts I knew I already had, and also in part to quell my fears. It's never a good thing to be afraid of something you don't understand.

I decided to take a great 5-month psychic development course through a local (and highly reputable) psychic medium by the name of Carl Woodall. Really nice guy with a great sense of morals and ethics. I highly recommend his classes. I just finished his 3rd course, and will be graduating in December. I knew of a few people who had already taken his classes that were excellent mediums, so I was comfortable with training under him. 

He teaches the Sandy Anastasi System of Psychic Development. Under this system, among other things, we learn a type of mediumship called Channel Mediumship. There are three different types of mediumship, all of which I have experienced to one degree or another:

Trance Mediumship—Where the spirit has control over the medium's body. How much control is up to the medium. It can best be described as letting the entity drive your car. You have to go back and adjust the seat, mirrors, steering wheel, etc. when you're done. Feels really really weird imho. I'm not a huge fan of people touching me to begin with, and spirits are no exception to that rule. 

Physical Mediumship—Where spirits emotionally come through in a reading. As you would expect, this is due to the spirit being in close proximity/contact with the medium doing the reading. The medium has a hard time retaining emotional control, which can be difficult because strong emotions can actually make it harder for spiritual communication and might accidentally turn into an empathic reading. (It's called "lowering the vibration"—but it may be easier to think of it like dimming the lights—harder to see).

The only thing better than the movie Inception, is the soundtrack to the movie Inception.

Channel Mediumship—The Sandy Anastasi method teaches this. It's where you communicate with a spirit like you would talk to someone on the telephone or a webcam. There isn't any touching and it's very professional. You essentially use your channel, which is a fancy word for your spiritual antenna located at your crown chakra, to talk to them.

The last method is the one I experienced this past weekend in the 3rd course. It's simultaneously hard, easy and exciting (keep your mind out of the gutter, please). Much like with my art for Inktober, I learned I needed to stop overthinking it. I learned that my ego is the biggest thing getting in the way of a successful reading. The more I got my ego out of the way and just said what came to me, the more accurate I was. The more I second-guessed myself, the less accurate I was.

I also learned that mediumship isn't nearly as scary as some once led me to believe. It's completely harmless for those who create boundaries. If you respect the practice, it respects you. 

I'm hoping to start "officially" integrating mediumship into my readings within the next month or so. I feel it will enhance my readings, open me up to more opportunities for growth, and maybe even help me understand "Spirit" better. We'll see! Keep your fingers crossed!