Free Will

Mere observation of a phenomenon inevitably changes that phenomenon
— The Observer Effect

In physics, the Observer Effect states that the observation of an outcome (regardless if it’s passive or active, by a machine or a person) inevitably changes the outcome.

Free will kinda works the same way.

Perhaps the most important fact of the Universe is free will. In almost every reading I give my clients, I remind them their fate isn’t fixed like you see it in the movies. Your mentality, perspective, and the conscious decisions you make about yourself and your life are what determine your fate. Sometimes that’s the opportunity we’ve strived for, sometimes it’s the noose we hang ourselves by. In many of my readings, I watch as my clients begin to shift their futures because they’re shifting their mentality — changing their perspective on an issue, or having a better understanding of why the issue happened helped them see the bigger picture and change their train of thought to align with the personal joy that the Universe wants to help them co-create.

Much like the Observer Effect, how you think about your life is what creates its outcome (the future). It’s really why we’re all here — to experience the option to make mistakes and learn from them. That’s how our souls advance. When we’re not incarnated, we already know what’s right, and fall naturally into the flow of Source (God). We incarnate to experience this illusion of separateness from God, so we can more quickly learn about ourselves through the lessons we experience in our karmic relationships.

World Domination


This is also kinda the reason why psychics haven’t conquered the world yet in their not-so-secret plot for global domination, and why we don’t accurately predict lotto numbers. Fate (and those pesky lotto numbers) is not fixed — it’s constantly in flux by the free will of others. A part of me wishes my predictions were accurate 100% of the time (and part of me doesn’t). Granted, I have managed to predict certain things with a sense of accuracy, but the reason I’m not right all the time is because my clients change their fate! A great example of this is the tarot spreads I like to draw. For those who have experienced tarot readings with me, they know I let the client not only shuffle, but cut the deck. In many readings I’ve had a card reversed or stuck in the future, and when a client comes back a month or two later, the card has been unlocked (and turned right-side up) in the present! And sure enough, they were able to get over the challenge that they may have potentially faced in the future because of the free will choices they made in the present.


GPS vs. Pass/Fail

Life is less of a high school pass/fail test and more of a GPS. We’ve all made a wrong turn and the GPS says “recalculating” and begins to bark new orders. Many times when we’re choosing our route to a destination, we are given multiple options, with multiple timestamps that have various estimated times of arrival. Often times, we choose the “quickest” path, but what if we make a wrong turn? Sometimes we end up taking the scenic route. Life is kinda that way. Just because we missed an opportunity, doesn’t mean we missed the opportunity. Much like a GPS, there are always multiple routes to an end goal, and sometimes we just end up taking the scenic route. Our guides, God and His Universe don’t judge us. They just want us to be able to learn, grow and lead a happy, fulfilling life.

The Free Will of Others

This can also be the reason why things don’t progress as “quickly” as we’d like. When we’re trying to manifest that new job, or new boyfriend/girlfriend, or other things that factor in other people, we need to take into account the free will of others. For example, if you’re trying to manifest Benedict Cumberbatch as your boyfriend, and he’s quite happily married to Sophie Hunter, then guess what? That’s probably not going to happen and you need widen your parameters. What many people often make the mistake of doing is limiting their parameters for what determines their happiness to too narrow of a field. They gotta make x-dollars, have x-title, or have x-boyfriend/girlfriend with a bunch of different traits that aren’t realistic. Being more open and mindful of how the free will of other people affect a group outcome will help expedite it. Being more open to your own (potentially) limiting parameters that factor the free will of another person in your life will more easily allow a happier result than expected.


What if I feel “Stuck”?

You’re not. Chances are, you’re healing, incubating (in a liminal space) or learning humility from a recent tough life lesson. “Stuck” happens when life needs to be put on hold for a good reason. The Universe measures how “fast” we create reality by how much “gas” we have in our tanks — meaning willpower/emotional drive. Life has a way of slowing down after a big change, shock, or traumatic event. This doesn’t mean we don’t have free will, it just means the rate at which we manifest has slowed down. When we take time to heal, practice self-care, and try to use the extra down time to become introspective and work on ourselves, we heal more quickly and things start to pick back up in life.


How do I change my future?

We manifest the future we desire through changing the perception of our reality. Changing how we think (specifically to a more positive tone) changes how our futures arrange before us. This doesn’t mean we should ignore the bad, but it means we should give less power to it. Free will manifests the thing we focus on — so focusing on positive will manifest positive. Simple concept, but challenging in practice.

Negative Bias

Like I said — simple concept, but challenging in practice. This is largely due to negative bias. There’s a reason the news always has a “crisis” or bad story on. Science has proven that our brains are more reactive to negative stimuli than positive stimuli. This psychological trait in our species likely developed out of necessity for survival — we had to be more aware of danger in order to survive. So it comes as no surprise that many of us have a challenging time focusing on the “good” vs. the “bad”. The “bad” feels bigger.


Becoming more positive

It just takes practice. We essentially have to rewire our brains to think more positively, and we do that by thinking about more positive things. Try to think about at least 3 things you’re thankful for when you go to bed at night. Do this every night for a month and watch how your view on life changes. Start actively pursuing meditation more. Write down your goals — and more importantly, the emotional reasons behind them. Start thinking about why you might be in this place, at this time from a Universal standpoint. How can you better the situation you’re in through changing your perspective?

Asking the deep questions will lead to deep truths regarding how your free will has been manifesting your life. When you become aware of those deep truths, you become aware of any potential limiting patterns and begin the process of breaking free.