Divine Timing

Pfft! Waiting is boring!

Pfft! Waiting is boring!

Waiting? Yuck!

I’m willing to bet that at some point in your life you’ve been told to “trust divine timing” or that everything “will work out in God’s timing”. Eyes roll. People don’t like to hear that. “Divine timing” means wait, right? We don’t like being told to wait. We want it and we want it now!

This is a standard knee-jerk reaction we have when we’re told to “trust divine timing”, because we assume divine timing means to wait. I myself have been told to “trust divine timing” countless times, and I would be lying if I said it didn’t frustrate me at times. It did. But I, like so many others, made the mistake of thinking that means we need to sit on our butts, twiddle our thumbs and hope for the best, meditate, or pray.

That’s where we’re wrong.

It’s not about the destination

Are you being present?

Are you being present?

Probably one of the most frequent questions people ask me in readings is “When will ___ happen?” I usually take a deep breath and begin to explain to them that it’s not about the destination or end goal. First of all, destiny is anything but fixed. It is extremely rare and unusual of the Universe to tell me something is going to happen on a specific date. Why? Because time is written in sand, not stone—meaning it is causal based on both your actions and the actions of others.

We as a race are so fixated on the end goal/job/promotion/boyfriend/girlfriend/winning lottery tickets/whatever that we don’t stop to realize what we’re learning in the moment is what matters most. Doing the self-work necessary for you to meet your goals—which are often times at a higher frequency—is what allows what you want to come to pass. That takes awareness and being fully present. It takes understanding the lessons you’re facing in the moment are the rights of passage to your future—to your “end goals”.

The phrase “divine timing” means “in God’s time”. When we’re waiting for God to present something to us, there’s a reason it’s happening in His time, and not our own. God is far more concerned with your current emotional state of being, and whether or not you’ve learned the lessons of the present—than the actual outcome—because the present moment is the only truth. There’s a reason why what you want hasn’t happened yet. Taking a moment to step back and inflect on the personal things you need to work on will answer why.

Make “It” Happen

We’re often forced to let go of things without knowing what’s next before we can move forward.

This is called faith.

We’re often forced to let go of things without knowing what’s next before we can move forward.

Doing self-work and being fully present in the moment are what allows for us to manifest our goals more quickly. If it’s a new job you’re wanting, did you update your resume? Are you learning new skills for the position you want? Did you apply for jobs or were you just expecting someone to offer it to you out of the blue? If it’s a new house, have you been budgeting/cleaning out the energy/donating the stuff you don’t need anymore—or have you been watching Netflix or perusing Facebook instead? If it’s a new boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever, have you been working on yourself and your behaviors that worked against you in past relationships? Have you been doing self-work, and loving people more, or have you been treating romance like a game and judging others?

I am amazed at the number of people I know who expect the Universe to just make what they want fall into their laps. It doesn’t work quite like that. We have to show up for the Universe in order to move forward. Whether it’s setting boundaries, being authentic, learning life lessons, or putting in physical work—that’s all energy and actions (seen and unseen) which bring us to the higher frequencies of what we want sooner. We have to show the Universe we’re willing to work—both inside and out—for what we want. Even then, we must take into consideration that what we want may not be exactly what we get. God knows what you need, and when you need it. Be humble when your manifestations don’t match the ideologies of your ego. There’s always a reason why. That discrepancy can be a lesson too.

When “It” Happens



Divine timing often happens when serendipitous synchronicities allow the highest good in our desires to fall into place. It’s like an old Scooby Doo episode, where they find the secret passage behind the bookcase that leads to a plot twist.

You can’t plan for it, and you won’t see it coming.

God does this on purpose, because it serves as a reminder of how much He really is in control. A personal example of this involves a story I wrote about losing a job back in 2015. I lost my job and was unemployed for 3 months before I found a new job in a different state. Within 2 weeks of me getting this new job, my husband found a better job for himself only a couple of miles away, we found a place to live, and we moved.

I couldn’t have planned for that. No one could have because it was God who opened those doors for us. Looking back, the position I was later hired for wasn’t even available at the time I was first let go. There was a reason for the wait and it involved a lot of self-work time finding some humility.

No Mistakes

It isn’t always a straight line from points A to B.

It isn’t always a straight line from points A to B.

Sometimes, we do things that postpone our manifestations. We make a bad call, fall into an old habit, or let the wrong people in. Sometimes when we do the wrong thing, and realize we did the wrong thing, we become afraid that we won’t get what we desire. This isn’t true. The terms “good” and “bad” are judgemental—and judgement is not of God.

Life is like a GPS. There are always multiple routes to a destination. Just because you took a wrong turn doesn’t mean you won’t get there. It just means you probably are no longer taking the quickest route. When you take a different route, you’ll encounter new roads, different traffic, and new scenery. When you take an alternate life path to the same destination, you will learn different lessons, or maybe learn the same lessons at a slower (easier) pace. Making a wrong turn doesn’t mean you’re at the end of the road. It just means you need more time to learn your lessons.

Some things just need more time

Additionally, your emotional state has a lot to do with how fast you obtain your goals. Not your mental state so much, as it tends to quickly “rebound” from struggles more so than your emotions do. But I’ve seen instances where people go through serious traumas, and the Universe slows life down for them until they’ve emotionally recovered. This goes for massive changes too. They tend to hold back with multiple large changes, and go for giving you one big change at a time at a pace you can handle.

If You’re Spiritual

If you’re spiritual, and especially if you’re psychic, it’s important to fully embrace the concept of divine timing. This is a practically mandatory and crucial lesson for us to learn, because it is an integral part of our practice. We have to walk the walk, if we’re going to talk the talk, so to speak. The more you trust in divine timing, the timing of God and His Universe, the more you can grow because you aren’t limited to the restrictions of your own ego—of your ego’s need to control things.

When you release control of your reality, or the illusion of control over your reality rather, you’re allowing God to do His job—which is making your life a more joyful, happy, loving, and fulfilling one.